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London Rent Student

Jamie Said:

i am a scottish student wishing to go to university in london will my course/rent be paid by the goverment?

We Answered:

You've given very little detail here, it is all dependent on your financial situation, and probably that of your parents as well. Check out the website which includes a guide to most aspects of student finance.
If that doesnt work, contact Student Finance England on 0845 300 50 90.

Annie Said:

what's the monthly rent range for 1 bedroom appartement in London , and where is it least expensive ?

We Answered:

Can be around £800 per month. It's best to find a house share somewhere.The further out from the centre, the cheaper it is.

Dwayne Said:

Student in London how budgeting?

We Answered:

You should take one room and share it with more than 5-6 person so that it will cut cost for all of you
for example the cost of one room is 300-400 GBP then one person bares 50-55 GBP

For food you should find home maker a family or a person who cook home maid food, so it will cut your cost

Please find accommodation near your college so it will cut the cost of transpotation

& try to find out clarical work job if you find it so that you can earn more but if you are not finding it then do not feel inferior to do labour work.......

things are slowly & gradually will be in your favour just be patience in starting

Jacqueline Said:

what are th rent expenses for 2 students in houghton street, london?

We Answered:

Check with the LSE for prices for halls. There are no private places to rent there, and even if there were it would be very expensive as that area is prime central London.

Discuss It! said:

Students living around this part of the state must need to understand the different packages offered in different parts so they might be able to choose the best one for them.

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