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London Student Flat

Gertrude Said:

how much does renting a flat cost in london?

We Answered:

Kingston isn't in London, it's in Surrey. Look on the property websites and house share sites.

property prices are very high in London, so landlords have to charge high rents to pay the mortgage. People who don't want to pay such rents need to live somewhere else.

Donald Said:

Can someone with a student visa rent a flat in London?

We Answered:

Yes you can, some landlords might ask you for security money, but should not have any problems what visa you have, people rent whilst on holiday.

Barry Said:

How much would be utility bills for 3 people in 2bed flat in London?

We Answered:

We rented in Putney (SW London) for a while and an overview of what we paid roughly a month (for 2 people) was:

- gas and electricity £35p/m (depending on the season)
- water £24p/m
- TV licence is about £17p/m

Lucky you don't have to pay CT - it was about £65, but it depends on which council you are in and how many people are registered on your lease.

Hope this helps. London is absolutely fantastic!!

Marie Said:

Can someone with a student visa buy a flat in London?

We Answered:

You absolutely can buy a flat on a student visa.

Of course as a student you will not get a mortgage as you have no income so you would have to pay cash and you would not be entitled to stay in the UK after your visa runs out just because you own a property but yes, there are students from the Middle East and Russia who do it all the time or rather their parents do it for them.

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