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London Student House

Darrell Said:

Please tell me some things about smoking house in the street of London?

We Answered:

I'm not quite sure what your friend is talking about

it could be a shisha cafe like in this picture… ... there are quite a few of them around London, but the place where I've seen most is on Edgware Road where there are a lot of middle eastern restaurants and cafes ... they used to have the shisha's inside the cafes, but since the smoking ban was introduced they have to be outside, so now you see them at tables outside the cafe on the street like in the photo above

from July 2007 there has been a smoking ban in England and it is illegal to smoke in any indoor public places ... this includes pubs, bars, cafes, restaurants, work places etc etc ... so nowadays if people want to have a cigarette they have to go outside, usually onto the street ... it is very common to see little groups of workers standing outside offices having a cigarette ... also pubs, bars etc usually provide some seats outside for smokers… often with umbrellas (and even heaters… ) to protect them from the weather

so this might also be what your friend is meaning, outdoor areas for smoking

Jeanette Said:

is little london in leeds a safe place to live, I will be moving there into a private house as a student?

We Answered:

Have to be honest and say that it’s not the safest part of Leeds, it’s not the most dangerous either.

Little London has a notorious drug problem and at one time, maybe not now, had more kids with ASBO’s than anywhere else, this led to a BBC documentary that focussed on Little London.

Someone with first hand experience of Little London will know better but the impression I get is that there is a lot of anti-social behaviour, burglary, theft, vandalism etc. On a more positive note, it appears there is less violent crime than in other parts of Leeds.

As a student you’re fairly restricted to areas that are accessible from the Uni. Little London is one such area, others include Headingley, Hyde Park, Meanwood and towards Kirkstall and Burley. All of these areas have problems with low level crime and because of the high student population they provide easy pickings for burglars.

If you’re not already committed to renting the property it may be worth your while checking out the availability of student accommodation via the Uni. The Uni has many halls of residence and some of these are located in nicer parts of the City.

Bodington Hall, for example, is to the north of the City situated between Lawnswood and Adel. There is accommodation for perhaps 1500 students in purpose built apartments, it’s set in spacious grounds which are only accessible to authorised persons.

Bodington Hall is situated to the north of the Uni just off the A660, this road goes into the centre of Leeds and passes the main Uni entrance, there are loads of buses along this road so getting to and from the Uni is easy.

If possible, check out the availability of privately rented accommodation in the Cookridge, Lawnswood, Weetwood, Holt Park, Ireland Wood, Tinshill and West Park areas of the city, these are all areas to the north of the Uni heading out of Leeds.

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