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London Student Housing

Mildred Said:

What is the Isle of Dogs (London) area like to live in?

We Answered:

I've lived in the Docklands for years and I love it - I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. It's true there are more 'upmarket' areas of London, but for me the Docklands has the right mix of the rough and the smooth.

Some people think the Docklands are a bit too far out of the way, but with the DLR and especially the Jubilee Line from Canary Wharf, you can be in central London within 10 mins, but obviously pay less for being that little bit further east. The DLR is my favorite form of London transport - clean, reliable and well connected. The Docklands is well served by the buses - and it's great to travel into central London on the Thames Clipper boat service from time to time.

Being a student, you'll like the bars and clubs in the area - and especially Shoreditch and Hoxton, which are a stones-throw away. Lots of cheap restaurants in the area too.

Great places to relax are along the the banks of the Thames (which surrounds the Docklands) and Victoria Park near Mile End is a hidden gem! Greenwich is well worth a visit too - just hop on the DLR and it takes you straight there - or walk under the Thames in the foot tunnel.

The area has its problems (name an area of London that doesn't), but I think the area is great and would highly recommend it.

Good luck!

Vanessa Said:

how many students does it take tochange a lightbulb?dont giv me grief im welsh see wot it ses bout our student

We Answered:

HAHAHAHA! Excellent! :]

Erin Said:

Approximately how much the cost f living in London per month?

We Answered:

Between £1000 and £1500. London is the most expensive city on earth

Margaret Said:

Moving to London as a student - Irish girl?

We Answered:

Stay in halls. SEETHING WELLS are the nicest ones. I don't think it would be a good idea to move into a house full of ppl you don't know in your 1st year.

Private residence would b expensive as halls r a bit pricey but you do get on-suite.

If you stay in halls you will make sooo much friends and find ppl you would like to move in with for you second year.

Goodluck and have fun. Oh and if you want more detail please e-mail.

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