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London University Student Accommodation

Joseph Said:

Weekly budget in university (England)?

We Answered:

Ok, so you really only need food and entertainment.

You can feed yourself easily and well on £5 a day if you make your own sandwiches for lunch and make your own dinner. You can eat cheaper but £5 is a good budget to work to.

A bus pass will cost about 10-15 a week.

A couple of drinks with your mates in a student pub about £5. A proper night out on a weekend £15.

So I reckon £70 a week should do you ok without making you scrimp and save every penny. Obviously more money means things like takeaways. You could do it for £50 by being more careful. At a pinch, you could live on £35 but have no life.

Edit: assuming you need a bus pass, if some lovely relative wants to buy you something to help at uni, they are really handy to have.

Arnold Said:

what this sentence means? help please, im in a hurry?

We Answered:

TRANSLATION - where would you like to live
and what are your preferences

So, your answer might look like this
1) apartment with other students on campus
2) student dormitory
3) house with 3 to 5 other residents
4) an apartment or house with easy subway or bus access, 15 minutes from campus or less

If you have a maximum amount you can afford to spend on housing, tell them.

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