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Look For Apartment

Curtis Said:

how to make my apartment look nice?

We Answered:

Since you have a smaller space go with lighter colors for the walls-it'll make the space look larger. Also, don't use big, oversized furniture-it'll crowd your space and make it look smaller. Mirrors in the right place help to make a space look larger-make sure when you look in the mirror you see something pretty like a picture on the opposite wall. Just a few ideas, hope it helps!

Milton Said:

How to make a 1 bdrm apartment look bigger?

We Answered:

Replace the two beds with a double storey bunk bed (from IKEA) - the upper deck for sleeping and the lower bunk as a work area and play area.

Make used of plastic cube box containers for all your staff and stack these at one corner of your room. These boxes stack well and you could see the items clearly. Very useful and practical.

Russell Said:

Can anyone recommend a nice area to look for an apartment in Gijon?

We Answered:

I've never lived in Gijon but have visited often. It is a beautiful city with a little bit of everything. The beach is fantastic the mountains are all around and there is culture and life teeming from all the streets and avenues!

If it were me, I would move the the old part of the city. This to me is always filled with charm and a lot of culture. There is always lots of activity though so it might not be quiet (with the little ones).

I think it would be a good start to contact a local tourist office and ask about the different districts. I have included their info below.

I wish I could be of more help here but I figured since you hadn't gotten any answers yet I'd at list give you what I have!

Buena suerte en Xixon (asturian way of saying Gijon)!

Jean Said:

What is a good website to look up apartment/ homes for rent?

We Answered:

depending on if its listed or not also try craigslist. ppl are always putting up new helped me

Daryl Said:

What should I look for/be wary of in looking for an apartment?

We Answered:

see it both at day & night go around and see what kind of people hang out talk to people if its by business talk to the business owners.

look at the following cause it may suck
water pressure turn on the water and make sure it has a heavy flow and the tub doesnt back up turn on all appliances, from fireplace to ac to kitchen sink & garbage disposal.

Ask how long does it take for repairs if needed, Any problems with visitors. any break ins , how will ur car be secured is it gated community.

ask about summer time and winter time in the apt hows the weather like. and thing u will need to fix up when renting , about anything u want done re painted or new carpet ask when all this was last done.

Vanessa Said:

What are some cheap tips to make a drab apartment look fab?

We Answered:

Fresh coat of paint, check yard sales and goodwill for accent pieces, silver and pewter items, add color splashes with glass vases, throw pillows candles, look for lamps at these places too, many can be painted and add a new lampshade, do a web search for ideas, trash to treasure, many sites to check and some good ideas....good luck.

Duane Said:

What is a good website to look for apartment/flat in England?

We Answered:

Try these:

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