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Looking For Room To Rent

Casey Said:

Looking for room to rent poster?

We Answered:

tell them a little bit about your friend
his lifestyle (stays up late, gets up early, etc.)
his house keeping (neat, messy, etc.)
what he's looking for in a room
any pets

I suggest looking in your local newspapers or on craigslist. You might find some rooms to rent that way, or publish an add about him in the paper, to get attention from renters.

Carlos Said:

I am looking to rent a room (in a flat or home) in Florence Italy. How can I do that from the U.S. ?

We Answered:

well i do not know if this will help you but my sister went to Florence with a friend and stayed with a few people. she is college student and stayed the summer. (not for school but for fun) she used the website good luck on going by yourself.

Juan Said:

Mom looking for room to rent any suggestions?

We Answered:

Fullerton, California? Have you tried Craigslist?

Gina Said:

I am looking for a cheap room to rent in Swindon (UK), week days only, for 9 months?

We Answered:

I have sent an email to Gavin (my boyfriend's brother) who lives in Swindon. He rents rooms in his home, but I don't know if he is looking for anyone at the moment. His home is about a 10 minute walk from Swindon centre.

Lucy Said:

Looking for room for rent in Gainesville Florida USA near Shands Hospital?

We Answered:

You can start with the classified section of the local Gainesville paper...

Also suggest that you use an online map of Gainesville, locate Shands and then mark the available rental locations.

Dale Said:

Are there any cabin crew or pilots based at Bristol Airport who are looking for a room to rent?

We Answered:

Not sure I'd want to live in a hunk of cheese

Holly Said:

anyone looking for a room to rent in naples, florida?

We Answered:

This question has gone four days without an answer. you would have to be very lucky to find a tenant here on Yahoo Answers. Best advice is to purchase an inexpensive ad in your local newspaper and then be very careful and thorough with your interview process.

Good luck with your room rental.

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