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Luxury Student Accommodation

Wesley Said:

Should I live with my friend for my PGCE year or live in halls with ppl on my course?

We Answered:

It's very unusual for PGCE students to be offered campus accommodation...that sounds like a good uni!

A lot of the year will be spent on school placements where you won't see the other people on your course anyway, and you're right, a PGCE course is very intensive so there isn't much time for socialising!

How far away is your friend's place from the campus? If it's very near, i'd go for that and save your money, but if it's a bit of a distance you may be better off on campus, as it will save you some commuting expenses and it's more convenient for things like access to library facilities etc

Jeremy Said:

Fed up secondary school teacher (ICT) wants a new direction - but what should it be...?

We Answered:

First, set your gaol . Ask to yourself "what you need?'".. & work hard for it. You will find satisfaction then.

Harry Said:

I am battling to choose a new career direction. I'm a secondary school ICT teacher...?

We Answered:

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Sergio Said:

should I live with my male friend for my PGCE year or live in halls with ppl on my course?

We Answered:

I think you should live with the friends in your course. It will be much easier for you, and even though it will be more expensive, you will become friends with them.

I lived with friends I went to classes with almost my entire time in college, and it really helps to be able to do homework with friends at 11:30 at night.

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