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Melbourne Student Accommodation

Leroy Said:

Melbourne info, please - reasonably priced accommodations near Sofitel Melbourne hotel on Collins St?

We Answered:

I can't help you with a recommendation, however I can recommend a couple of sites. You could try which generally has apartments and are usually reasonable priced (search for Melbourne City). The other alternative to try is You can usually get something cheaper than rack rate, but you can only book 2 weeks in advance.

Lewis Said:

Best places to live in for a student in UK?

We Answered:

Sorry I'm a little confused by the question, i'm assuming at the moment you want to study here in the UK?

Safety seems to be the priority for you (since i'm presuming you've shouted it) and well, it depends. Some universities in cities tend to put students in the rough bits when they move into rented accommodation for the second year. Go to Manchester for instance and you will probably end up in moss side, the gang violence, prostitution area. However for the first and usually thhird years most universities put you in "halls of residence" blocks of flats which are part of the university, relatively inexpensive and sometimes even catered. The second year often means you have to fend for yourself in rented accomodation where you WILL be conned by the landlords, anything above barely habitable is a bonus.

Really everywhere has its good and bad areas, in terms of most exciting cities its probably a toss up between London, Edinburgh and Manchester. Londons a grand city, all of the UK's glamour and glitz is crammed into that small area, just don't head too far south, east, or north. Manchesters the only other area where you can feel the wealth but it still manages to be affordable. Edinburghs just pleasent in general, but areas there are either expensive or dog rough. Don't go near Glasgow. Really the middling sorts of towns are what I'd go for. Sheffield or Nottingham for example, quite interesting to live in, not that violent.

Caroline Said:

I am looking forward to study in Melbourne, Australia. Could you advice of any Schools/University?

We Answered:


There are only 39 universities in Australia, all are fully accredited and equally recognised, so you do not have to worry abt the quality of the courses whichever uni you go to.

My first suggestion is to visit the online database below to find out if there are any universities who offers the course that you want to study for int. student. You can then find out the uni's website, visit int. students section of the unis' website to apply. You may also need to take the IELTS test as proof of your English proficiency.

In regards to cost of living in Melbourne, the 2nd link below is from a uni in Melbourne to indicate the average cost of living of an int. students in Melbourne.

Hope this helps. E-mail me at mikegun(at) if you need any further info. Good luck for your study and welcome to Melbourne.

Christine Said:

Has anyone heard of House Share VIc?

We Answered:

Yes- i used them for a year when staying in Melbourne. They are very good and i stayed in the fine Rathdowne St in Carlton, also Brunswick is a great suburb. The places are great with top facilities, furnishings with BBQ's of course! You have to stay for 3 months minimum i think and i had no complaints.

Jenny Said:

What is Victoria Uni (Melbourne) like?

We Answered:

It depends what it is you're studying and whether 'reputation' matters much too you. Monash and Melbourne Uni's are by far the more 'reputable' uni's in Melbourne. VU used to be more vocational and still offers vocational training as well as degrees. It has various campuses, the Footscray one is neither metropolitan, cool or groovy! In the end it's personal taste and I know a lot of people that have gone to VU and been very happy.

Misty Said:

Desperate need for place in Melbourne!?

We Answered:

Check out this site- sorry I'm not much help, I'm in the states.

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