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Melbourne Student Housing

Richard Said:

Are the international students safe in melbourne?????????????

We Answered:


Apart from 2 silly comments, you can see that we do feel sorry and terrible with what happened to you and your housemates. I'm just curious as the area that you currently live in, b'cos you might live in the 'unsafe' area, although nowadays it is hard to be certain abt the safe area either. My advise is to move away from the area as soon as your contract is up. Ask around before moving into a new place abt the criminal activities etc.

I am an immigrant in Melbourne and used to be an international students as well, so I can understand your frustration and anger. You might even think that you have been duped with poor propagandas. However I can assure you that wherever you go to, whether it is western countries, or 3rd world countries, you can never let your guard down and have to be alert all the time. I'm not asking you to be paranoid, but just be careful. Basically just practice what we usually do in our home country and you'll be likely to survive the experience.

Please do not hesitate to report to the police of any criminal activities that you experience.

Hope this helps. I (and all the Yahoo respondents here) certainly hope that you overcome this terrible experiences and can finish your study very well.

Casey Said:

Which city should I choose in Australia?

We Answered:

27 yr old arab hey, you remind me of sami and samir.
go for either masters or mba - which ever one you feel you can handle
I would choose either
Adelaide, Newcastle or Wollongong - the others are too busy, too polluted, and not enough housing
dont worry about rain and cold weather - it gets cold here no matter where you live - not extremely cold but cold enough - you will get used to it - and at present hardly any rain anywhere - you dont have to worry about natural disasters - none happen - racism is everywhere against all types of people - drugs and crime is like anywhere else I guess - but the towns I mentioned above would be smaller criminal activities as far as I am concerned - car is important I spose if you wish to be independent and get around from A to B we drive on the left hand side of the road here you would be able to pick a car up cheap enough better option than renting one, renting would be available for students either in your own unit/flat or share house or live on campus. dont worry about your accent people from all over the world live here and some cant speak english at all. you will make friends there are plenty of arabs living here in australia. just respect people as you would like to be respected - cheers

Alicia Said:

how much money will i need to live in melbourne australia?

We Answered:


Another terrific answer from Ozmaniac! Good on you Oz.

Just adding to her already terrific answer, below is the link from a uni in Melbourne that gives info abt approx. daily expenses from a typical int. students.

Hope this helps. Good luck on your study and welcome to Melbourne :)

Jeremy Said:

Check this French sentence, without using a translator

We Answered:

J'ai vécu dans ma famille d'accueil, chez Claire, à North Balwyn au cours de mon séjour à Melbourne.

J'allais à l'école à pied car ce n'était qu'à 10 minutes de marche.

Les cours commencaient à 9 heures et finissaient à 3 heures 20.

Je portais mon uniforme scolaire à l'école. I était composé d' une chemise blanche, une jupe bleu marine et un pull vert.

Il n'y avait pas de cours le week-end.

L'école était très grande. Il avaitaussi de nombreux étudiants.

J'ai étudié toutes les matières obligatoires ainsi que le Français, l'art et la photographie.

Je parlais l'Anglais à l'école.

Les Australiens parlent principalement l'anglais.

L'école avait une bibliothèque, une salle de gym, et des terrains de sport mais pas de piscine.

Not bad at all, I corrected a few mistakes

Alex Said:

Sri Lankan students attacked in Australia,your comments ?

We Answered:

No dark skinned human will be safe in Australia

Stacey Said:

I am afraide I am going end up homeless?

We Answered:

well if your not scared of your sexuality

Ronnie Said:

Studying and Working: Melbourne or Sydney?

We Answered:

Well Sydney is the most expensive place to live in Australia, rent is real dear.
Melbourne has cheaper rent.
Both cities you will find work if you don't mind doing anything like washing dishes in a restaurant etc.
Sydney has better climate nicer beaches.

Anyway I like Melbourne over Sydney I have lived in both, Melbourne has more culture, and I have earned more money there.

Get some share accommodation where ever you are, and you'll make friends quick, ppl are good here.

Good luck

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