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New York Student Accommodation

Elaine Said:

What's a good summer fashion/art program?

We Answered:

Look on your local community college websites to see if they have any summer classes that teach the subjects you are interested in.

Leonard Said:

is it really that expensive to study in USA?

We Answered:

Community college is not very expensive. If you go to a SUNY school (state university of ny) it shouldn't be too much either. If you go to a private school yeah then it's going to get pricey. However financial aid, student loans, and scholarships are always an option. (depending on your race you may also be eligible for certain scholarships) Sometimes it's actually easier for international students to be accepted.
You would only need to go to the university for 2 years. For example my mom went to Orange County Community College for two years then transfered to Syracuse University and went there for two years
I suggest checking out if you haven't already

Glen Said:

how can i get to the states ?

We Answered:

>"and the embassy officer didn't approve my visa cause he didn't believe me "
>"again the officer didn't approve for he didn't like the way i look"

That's what he said? Something tells me that more is going here than what you're telling us! Think real hard, what exactly did he say and what did you need to present to them?

Go back and try to get assistance and some straight answers. Dress professionally, it'll add some credibility to your request. I don't care what country you want to go to, you need to find out exactly what they are looking.

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