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Nottingham Accommodation Student

Cathy Said:

Question about student housing and rules of tenancy?

We Answered:

Yes you can live away from your University, the grant/loan you receive isn't relevant to where you live as long as it's not with your parents.

You should check with the landlord regarding rent, but I have never, ever heard of having to pay for one room twice whether renting with a landlord or an agency. The usual rule is that you pay 25% more just to cover bills. If the rent doesn't include the bills it's usually just £10 a week more for an extra person for furniture wear, etc.

If you try and arrange a place well before September you will likely be able to get a deal on the extra person fee for the double room.

Yes, you can rent regular accommodation with a guarantor or not, these places usually do a credit check on you and sometimes are picky about young 18-22 students but are pretty relaxed about older ones. As long as you look presentable and have the cash ready for the first months rent and first months deposit - you will have no trouble finding somewhere.

Also a little tip - when looking for a place, even if it's the summer - check for drafts! A draft, badly insulated flat or house will be incredibly expensive to heat and not very pleasant to live in when the winter comes.

Corey Said:

Does anyone know what the Glasshouse accommodation in Nottingham is like?

We Answered:

Im not a student, so ive never been in the halls, but glasshouse is a very convenient area to be in... the new halls look nice from the outside. It's very close to a big club called Oceana, which is fullllll of students nearly every night.

I live right near Oceana and it's really f-ing annoying when you're trying to sleep! haha.

Jeffrey Said:

What website are there for student accommodation in Nottingham for someone learning English in Nottingham?

We Answered:

Hi. An internet search on "student accommodation Nottingham" brought up the following plus loads more!

iQ Nottingham
- - 0115 941 3500

Student Accommodation
- - 07739 344 296

- - 020 7193 5522

Nottingham Student Accommodation the Glasshouse
- - 0115 947 4858

Oak Student Letts
- - 0115 958 8787

Manor Villages
- - 0115 978 4012

Victoria Centre Short Stay Apartments
- - 07957 266 230

Shackleton Property Management
- - 07739 344 296

Apartments 4 Students
- - 0845 602 2506

Hutchings & Butlin
- - 0115 969 6355

I expect that the accommodation office, or student support, at the college where your friends are studying English should be able to help too.

Tara Said:

I'm going to be a student in the university of nottingham please help me choose between 2 accommodations.?

We Answered:

My experience is the exact opposite.

If 6 of you are cooking together it may be messy (and someone will almost certainly eat your bickkies) but it will be much more friendly.

You may miss companionship abroad and living with others may help.

Stanley Said:

I need a friend from university of nottingham, malaysia campus who will give me details on staying there.?

We Answered:

that's a lot of questions
this is the uni's website..there's a lot of info on that…
my friend studied there for a while but now he's in the uk campus..he's doing chemical engineering
i'll answer what i can
the lecturer - students relationship is pretty good..he told me the lecturers were quite 'sporting',nice and easy-going
they have internet access via wireless if i'm not mistaken

Cory Said:

Which UK university has the best tourist location?

We Answered:

You've missed out Liverpool. Get there you'll have a ball!

Myrtle Said:

Probably pretty obvious questions about University? Can anyone help? (UK)?

We Answered:

OK i'll try and answer best i can based on my experience.

1) To point out first, this is a loan, and not a grant. They stopped giving out grants quite a while ago. The amount depends on how much you apply for and need. Loans are provided by te Student Loans Company, the forms for which are generally provided by your school/college or you can do it online here:

2) After you have been accepted for a place and it has been confirmed your university will send you forms to confirm attendance and such. They will also send you all the information regarding accomodation avaliable to you. Not all universities guarantee accomodation, some do not have enough to place every student, but this process should be done early enough that if you don't get accepted then you will be able to find somewhere else. If you are in this situation, again the uni will advice and help, some have online forums setup for people looking for housemates etc, go along, meet people and if you get along, move in!

3) Bursaries are granted to those that are having financial difficulties, normally due to their family situation, not being able to help enough to cover living costs & fees etc. These are granted at the uni's discression and are normally applied for after you begin uni. Note you will have to provide bank statements showing in's and outs etc if you apply, so spending all your load on drink and then thinking you will get a handout will not work! You normally do not have to repay bursaries (tho some you do)

4) Again it is dependant on the uni. When you apply for your course you will normally specifically apply for a sandwich course that involves living abroad, although i have known people to switch to one of these after starting uni. Again the uni will normally help with where you will be living/studying but you will probably have to fund it yourself, normally out of your student loan.

As for Nott Trent, i cannot comment on living etc but having spent a weekend there every year while i was at uni elsewhere i can only comment that the nights out are amazing and the place is buzzing. It is true Nottingham has a high crime rate, but as with any town or city, learn the places to avoid and you will be fine, you are never 100% safe in any town, you just have to learn to be carefull.

Hope this helps.

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