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Off Campus Student Housing

Gloria Said:

Can I get an off-campus housing student loan?

We Answered:

Loans for students help the student to deal with all the expenses that are to be incurred during his education phase like it includes entire cost of the student’s education from tuition fees, accommodation, books, and computers to transportation and many more.…

Many Banks, financial institutions, online lenders etc are ready to offer the loans for students. But students considering their precious time and finds easy to via online as it provides easy access than other source. There are a large number of requirements other than college or course fees.

Some of the most crucial are computer expense, hostel charges, and books and so on. The best college student loans are one which comprises all such expenses. But, to qualify for any such one, you have to give it your best shot as far search is concerned. Such purpose can be accomplished by exploring World Wide Web. You will find an innumerable number of lenders offering college student loans.

Casey Said:

Does anyone know of a college that helps students secure off campus housing?

We Answered:

you may need to find someone who is looking for a roomate. Most colleges do not help with housing....sad to say but you should consider starting a program yourself that will help other students like you needing housing in the future

Lewis Said:

After applying for a private student loan for off campus housing does it take to get the money to pay for rent?

We Answered:

Did you know you can use federal student loans for the exact same reason? The interest rates will be fixed and much cheaper and you won't need a cosigner or need to pass a credit check.

Either way you go your loan money will be sent to the school and it will be used (if necessary) to pay any outstanding balance you have to the school for tuition and such. Then, the excess will be given to you (usually at least 2 weeks into the semester) sometimes even longer depending on how quickly you get your paperwork completed.

I got an apartment off campus when I went to grad school and saved up for the deposit and having the utilities turned on with money from my part time job. NEVER count on your fin aid being dispersed BEFORE school starts.

Tyrone Said:

Does anyone know of any off campus student housing websites?

We Answered:

Usually each university has their own off-campus housing website. If you go to the University's official website, you should be able to find a "Housing" link, and from there you might find an "Off Campus Housing" link. Good luck! Here's an example, this is Cal Poly's (California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA, USA):

Stephen Said:

If I am a full-time student married to a non-student, can we still get off-campus student housing?

We Answered:

It depends on the policy of the particular university and whether you are a freshman./

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