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Overseas Student Accommodation

Vera Said:

Good places in England/Scotland/Ireland to work that also provide accomodation?

We Answered:

For Ireland (not the UK), you might wanna ask this in the Ireland section.
If you can work as an Au Pair, you usually get accomodation

Margaret Said:

Why do international students always backstab people who treat them well?

We Answered:

Face it, foreigners who "study English" really want to be with movie stars and become rich and famous.
Movie stars can banish sickness and poverty with a get-rich scheme and walk into hospitals and uplift people's souls and self-esteem.
Can you imagine the disappointment these children experience when they discover that not all Americans are movie stars?
"Are you feeding me food and water because you think I am poor? Well, do you know any movie stars with witty cocktail parties?"

Everyone wants the same thing, this is the root of all French Deconstructionism.
That America represents the simulation of power.
At the same time, non-English speakers are very jealous for their own languages.
Newsweek (15 March 2010, p. 42) had an article that foreigners "want our goods, not our values" (democracy can go by the wayside).
And they will soon surpass the masters of industry in coldness and cunning and be more arrogant than New Yorkers.

Bonnie Said:

Postgraduation in Accounting in UK ?

We Answered:

Warwick and Manchester have very good accounting programs. LSE particularly excels in accounting. Here is LSE's accounting website for postgrads:…

It takes 1 year to finish the course (full-time) and at least 2 years if part-time. Not sure about the hours. Yes, he'll need a VISA. Yes, he will be able to work part-time with the VISA, but I think the limit is 20 (school year)-40 hours (holidays) per week. Here is the link:

I'm not sure about accommodation. Living in the UK is more expensive than in many other countries.

Perry Said:

can a full-time student claim LHA?

We Answered:

I don't know about the LHA scheme but I know about counil tax because I'm a full time student who rents a shared house.

For me, council tax is free because all four of the tenants in this house are full time students.

For him, council tax would just be reduced because he is a full time student but his wife is not and if she will be living with him, she will be eligible too. He would just get a 25% reduction, or something along those lines.

Barbara Said:

colleges for Fashion Design in Perth?

We Answered:

I would love to know the same thing. Perth is a pretty cool place.

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I would love to know the same thing. Perth is a pretty cool place.

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