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Paris Student Accommodation

Lisa Said:

I am colombian with UK student visa. I am applying for Schengen visa, how long it takes the reply?

We Answered:

If you apply for the visa at the French Consulate General in London in person with a straightforward application you will get your visa the same day. Don't make the fault to apply for a longer stay than you can actually afford. Schengen tourist visa are issued based on itineraries and you need to provide proof of accommodation (hotel reservation) and proof of available funds of at least £ 40 per day of stay.… ..… ..

Holly Said:

How much do you think is enough to spend in Paris, Rome and Barcelona?

We Answered:

Travel can be as expensive or as cheap as you want it to be. I'll give an estimate based on how average student traveller would spend. This is based on an itinerary of London-Paris-Barcelona-Rome-London, and I hope it's useful for your travel planning. Alternatively, why not pick up a copy of Europe on Shoestring from Lonely Planet - they give pretty good guide on prices of things in the different cities.

From London to Paris - best via Eurostar, which takes only 2 1/2 hours, and if you buy ticket well ahead, it can be as low as 44GBP one way per person.

From Paris to Barcelona - travel overnight with Elipsos trenhotel, which ticket costs 75euro if you buy ahead of time (they have limited ticket on this special price), for one person, on 2nd class sleeper train.

You could also fly with Ryanair which often has amazing prices - but you need to go to Beauvais (bus ticket 13euro one way) and arrive either at Girona (bus ticket into Barcelona 12euro one way, 21euro return) or Reus (bus ticket into Barcelona 11euro one way).

From Barcelona to Rome - Ryanair flies from Barcelona-Girona to Rome-Ciampino (direct bus ticket to Rome Termini between 5-8euro one way, depending on which company you take the bus with). I would recommend flying this part of the journey than taking trains.

There are trains between Barcelona and Rome via Milan of course, but you may have to buy them separately. Ticket Barcelona-Milan on Elipsos night train is 70euro on discounted rate, and you'll need a separate ticket then from Milan to Rome. Eurostar train takes about 4 hours and Amica (can be purchased ahead, limited availability) 2nd class price is 54euro (standard ticket 67.50euro). Intercity train takes about 6 hours, and the ticket is 35.60 on Amica rate, 44.00euro on standard rate.

From Rome to London - best bet is again, to fly, since Ryanair in general has great prices and it takes much shorter travel time. If you want to travel by train, you'll need to get from Rome to Paris, then Eurostar from Paris to London. The ticket prices do add up too.

Staying at hostel is better an option, if you're watching the budget. In general, budget about 20euro per person per night. And hostels are good places to meet other travellers of similar age group. Striking up temporary friendships and alliances are pretty fun that way.

Paris is the more expensive cities between the three but not too much more. Barcelona is becoming more and more expensive, which is quite a contrast to Madrid which turns out to be much cheaper (but also with less foreign tourist in comparison to Barcelona).

Allocate about 20-30 euro per person per day for food, and you can always check if restaurants/bistros/cafes are within your price range by checking out the menu that's posted outside the place.

Sorry I can't be more specific, as this question is really very general and trying to get into specifics would probably take half a guide book to explain.

Christopher Said:

Should I go visit my friends in America?

We Answered:

I too would hate the idea of giving up an opportunity to travel, BUT I would not go alone.
Is there anyway someone could go with you? A girl friend? A sibling? Do you have any friends or relatives in another city or state nearby, just in case?

And I would make my own arrangements for a place to stay like a hotel or a youth hostel rather than staying in an apartment with all males, whether you have met any of them in person or not. It could be awkward at best, and at worst something could happen which you might regret. One month is a long time to be dependent on people you have never met in person, not to mention there is the danger that they may not be who they say they are, they may have ulterior motives for having invited you. At least in a hotel, while you may have trouble getting comfortable, you would at least be guaranteed some quiet and privacy when you need/want it. There are hotels that give discounts for extended stays.

At the very least, do some research, get some information on the area you will be staying in. Locate a police station or something and know how to contact them.

Wallace Said:

Where can I find french course/private tutor over the Christmas holiday in France?

We Answered:

For housing: Check out the Paris version of Craig's list. ( where you'll find

(1) people who are interested in doing language exchanges or tutoring you in French (

(2) Lots of short-term rentals (

Good luck!

Johnnie Said:

Travelling Europe.... budgeting help!!!!?

We Answered:

It is hard to say how much this is going to cost you, as you said yourself, everybody spends money on different things. If you can stay in hostels it's a lot more affordable. And supermarkets is a good idea too!

As for sights in Europe, I can help :) If you follow this link, you'll see my Europe Travel Guide with lots of tips and information on Rome, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, ...…
As well as my personal experiences in these cities!

Have an awesome trip!


Shannon Said:

can anyone suggest a cheap bed and breakfast in Paris?

We Answered:

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