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Private Student Accommodation London

Betty Said:

Question(s) about accommodation ownership?... (And a bit of a sob story, lol)?

We Answered:

wow, it sure sounds like you've been put through the wringer this season! I don't know if it's legal or not, but you're 16, and since your folks really don't seem to know what to do with you, I'd have to say that you should at least try to get out from under their messed up thumbs. You sound like you have a few clues in your head, and I'm sure you know that your education is very important, but your sanity is more important right now! Don;t let either of them fill your head with bitter tales of 'he said-she said', it's all crap. Do what you have to do to keep your head on straight! Can you call social services or even a school counsellor to help you with some available services? You are going to need an advocate for your side through all this! Good luck, and take care of you!

Nina Said:

I'm persecuted by private debt collection Agency what to do?

We Answered:

So long as you are working anywhere in the EU you can now be made to pay what you owe. Your Italian employer can be required to divert part of your wages to the people to whom you owe money. Whilst you are not likely to go to jail over it you are going to be a bit short of funds for a time. Your best bet is either to leave the EU completely or to come to some arrangement to repay the debt over a period of time.

Virgil Said:

How can I afford to attend a university in the UK? Questions and concerns...?

We Answered:

First, to be granted a student visa, you HAVE to prove to your local British Council that you have the money to support yourself for the duration of your studies BEFORE you leave your home country.

The university most likely offers American financial aid and scholarships for international students. I know Kingston University offers scholarships worth 3,000 pounds, which is specifically for international students to apply for.

There is a lot to consider when thinking of going to university in a different country, and money is just half the battle. There's also culture shock and homesickness.

Not sure if you're considering a regular or specialty university, but if you check out any university website there is a section titled International Students, which has all of the info you need, such as courses, accommodation, and money issues.

But really, all of your planning, questions, and the answers you get here won't do any good if you haven't been to London to see what it's really like. My question is: Why study in a place you've never been to? What if you don't like it? Then what? You're stuck there in England.

I say go on a trip to London, and don't even think about school. Just enjoy it. Once you're home and you know you want to go abroad, THEN start to get serious about studying there.

That's when you take another trip and see the campus of the university you're considering, as well as see the town you want to buy an apartment in. As you've already been to London you'll know the feeling and be comfortable and can actually see yourself living there.

This is what my dad told me when I said I wanted to study in London. Now that I've been there and know what it's like, I can honestly say that I want to go there for my masters degree. (Kingston is the school I'm considering).

Think about my dad's advice that I just gave you, because it really makes sense.

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