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Property To Let Search

Connie Said:

Online survey!! Should you be allowed to search a cop before they search you, or your property? Yes or No?

We Answered:

About the violation I don't know, but we should be allowed to search the cops. They are not better than anyone

Edwin Said:

Americans!!! can you name a good property search website (to let/rent property)?

We Answered:

I used

they each had there pros and cons, also try searching for a website specifically to the city you are searching

Charles Said:

Are Cops Allowed to Kick people off private property without permission of the owner?

We Answered:

The library isn't private property, its public property that is owned by the town, the same town that employs the officers and entrusts them with the safekeeping of said town property. Regardless if it was private or public property, the police can ask people to leave. Call the police department and ask for the Officer In Charge and see what they have to say in the matter.

Andrea Said:

if you are internet searching for property to let BUT the rental price is on their site is wrong (£200pw less)

We Answered:

you will have to pay the actual price as the landlord has a say in who rents his property and he can choose not to have you regardless of who advertises the property.

You have to sign a contract before you rent which the landlord signs as well so i would imagine at this point he will notice if the price is wrong, will refuse to sign and then chose to wait for a tenant who will sign to pay the correct price

Your only recourse at that point would be to take him or the advertisers to court to make them give it to you at reduced price and no court is going to say he has to take you as a tenant as it is his property and he chooses the tenant on the agencies recomendation.

It could be that the property has major faults inside and that is why it is reduced or it is a flat share.

Also a shop does not have to sell you a mispriced itme by law - many shops do this as a sign of good will but they will not do it if there is a huge price difference. Again if you took them to court they would only have to prove it was a mistake

Javier Said:

why cant i find a property to let in east riding of yorkshire that except dss tennents ?

We Answered:

Try Myton or somwhere in East hull
Or you could try moving to a differant city.

Maybe somewhere in west yorks.

Hope all goes well.

June Said:

Do I need a lawyer if I was caught with a roach on state property during a search of my vehicle?

We Answered:

I would

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