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Rent Apartment England

June Said:

Can you rent an apartment in England if you aren't a citizen?

We Answered:

Yes u can rent a flat in UK even if u are a visitor (as far as someone is ready to rent it to you).

Citizenship of UK? lol ... takes around 7 years if u r able to qualify the criteria & thats not piece of cake.

Douglas Said:

How much will the estate agents take when I rent an apartment?

We Answered:

Hi Elizabeth.

The agent should not charge you any commission at all. It is the landlord that pays them for finding you and setting up the tenancy agreement. You should be asked for a deposit of around a months rent and maybe a month up front but not much else. If they do want you to pay anything else, i would question it. Feel free to ask again if your not sure.

Kind regards

Keith Said:

Can a Canadian rent an apartment in London, England with a tourist visa?

We Answered:

Passport checks are not normally part of the process here, but any letter will want to check that you have a regular source of income.

Elsie Said:

Where can I find a nice apartment to rent in London, England?

We Answered:

As well as contacting various estate agents in each area of London try these websites:

Christina Said:

If I'm planning on visiting England for 5 months with just my passport, am I able to rent an apartment?

We Answered:

Most landlords won't rent to someone who doesn't have settled status. Those who do usually rent places you really wouldn't want to live in.
Your next hurdle would be utilities. It can be just as difficult getting utilities turned on if you are not a permanent resident.
Your best option is to look at places online and see if you can set something up before you leave. Or you may end up staying in a hostel..which is okay short term..long term can be a nightmare.

Eileen Said:

How can my wife and I rent an apartment in Hampstead England for a month in July 2007?

We Answered:

Call all the Apartment complexes in that area and ask them if you could rent for only one month. I know where I live , we have "snowbirds" that rent a apartment for only a couple of months during the winter.

Good Luck.

Joel Said:

what is the average price to rent a one bedroom one bath apartment in england?

We Answered:

Where in England........kinda important.............

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