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Rent Apartment In Uk

Leona Said:

Can I get a mortgage on a Spanish property using my income from the apartment I rent in the UK?

We Answered:

Income declared on your tax return from a rental is perfectly valid income. However, this needs to be net income, steady over a period of time and the bank may haircut it to factor in possible voids.

Take care though not to find yourself in a currency mismatch situation. Tons of people got killed doing that last year. Your costs and income must be in the same currency or you could quickly find yourself under water.

Laura Said:

Can someone from the UK rent an apartment in the US?

We Answered:


Juan Said:

How much do I have to pay for a little apartment in Uk or Ireland?it can be a bedroom it expensive???

We Answered:

Depends alot on the location London for example will be more expensive than somewhere up north . A coastal resort would be more expensive than some where miles from the sea a but river/ sea view you would be looking 700-900 a month . I live in york in the city center in a river side apartment and we currently pay 500 a month althow that is a mortgage you would be better to buy rent is dead moeny

Louise Said:

can a person who is 16 years old rent a house/apartment/flat by himself in the UK?

We Answered:

You can rent an apartment, BUT

You are unlikely to find a landlord willing to rent to you because you are too young for a standard contract and can not provide any security or references to show that the landlord will not suffer any financial loss. If you can get a guarantor who lives in England/Wales, it will help.

The university may be able to help, or speak to the Vietnamese embasy in London.

Charlotte Said:

what age to rent an apartment or flat in uk?

We Answered:

You need to be 18 to enter a contract in the UK so you would need a guarantor. I have to be nosey and ask how does it make it simpler to join the army from your own place?

June Said:

Is it possible to rent an apartment at 16 in the UK?

We Answered:

"I've read you can't, because you can't sign a lease.."

This sounds like the same reason you can't here in the US. You are still a minor and as such are not considered competent to sign a contract (a lease).

IF a landlord was willing, you could have a legal guardian (eg your parents) co-sign and then they are "jointly and severely" responsible for the rent, damages, etc.

But since you want to move out at 16, I doubt they'd put themselves out for you in this way.

The only other choice is to sue for emancipation. This is where you, a minor, sues to be recognized as an adult before your 18th birthday. Once emancipated, you would have all of the legal responsibilities of an 18-year-old., though you would not be granted all of the rights.

Charlene Said:

how old do you have to be to rent an apartment in the UK?

We Answered:

some private rental companies say 18 some say 21

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