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Rent In Uk

Ella Said:

What % of your monthly income you pay as rent in UK?

We Answered:

It depends upon where you live. Rent is much more expensive in London and the South East than North England
When I lived in the midlands about half of my wages went on my rent.

Mabel Said:

How much is the house rent in UK ( London ) ?

We Answered:

It depends on the area, how close to Central London you want to be, and if you want a house or a flat. It could be anywhere from £800/month to £4000/month.… is a big property website where you can search by area

Johnny Said:

How do you pay rent in UK?

We Answered:

We almost always pay rent monthly. However, when properties are advertised they are done so with their equivalent weekly rent as it makes them look cheaper than they are and therefore more attractive to the person looking at them.

So if you've seen a property for £350 pw (we use pounds over here, not dollars) that actually works out as £1517 a month (£350 per week x 52 weeks of the year = £18,200; £18,200 divided into the 12 months of the year = £1517). Also, you need to remember to factor in the exchange rate as £1 is not the same as $1. Currently, £1517 equates to $2432. Therefore an apartment that is advertised as £350 pw will actually cost you $2432 and so probably isn't as much of a steal as it looks.

Bobby Said:

How can I advertise my room to rent (in UK) without attracting weirdos?

We Answered:

Working tenants only, references required, one months deposit, decide if the rent is average market rate or below, ask what they do for a living, what are their hours of work, how long they've been in the area, if their answers are lucid you can ask a bit more, after all it is your home!

Roy Said:

Car rent uk drop abroad?

We Answered:

try here…

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