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Rent Room Uk

Bernard Said:

How to rent a room in UK?

We Answered:

Only adults can enter into tenancy contracts. You can be a lodger, but you will have no security of tenure. See if you can find a young female house owner who needs help with the mortgage. That's your best bet.

Fernando Said:

Does anyone know a good website where I can find the cheapest, dearest and average rent price of a room in UK?

We Answered:

It depends what part of the country you are looking at renting. The south is much more expensive compared to the north and other places.

Based on previous experience I would say the average in the south is around £600pcm and the average in the north is £450pcm

Kathy Said:

How to find a cheap accommodation (rent a room) in uk?

We Answered:

Assuming you mean long term, go to - I used it a lot when I was younger to find shared accom and I also advertised in loot when I was looking for lodgers.

If you want short term, cheap places for a holiday, try

Jamie Said:

How old do you have to be to rent a hotel room? (UK)?

We Answered:

Usually you need a credit card

Dennis Said:

How much rent could i get for a single room in the UK?

We Answered:

The single room rate for Housing Benefit is £59 per week, so that would be an average rate for a room in a shared house. Your room sounds quite small, but against that you could balance the facilities you're offering - so £59 sounds about right.

Just done a bit more research and round a few people looking for rooms in Barnsley at around £300pm - so I'll stick with £59pw / £260pm for a small one. (see 2nd link)

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