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Rental House Uk

Allen Said:

UK residents: What's the best site to search rental house/flats?

We Answered:

try to find estate agents in your local area and try their web site also check out your local paper for rentals.Some councils also have lists of private landlords.Some solicitors also know of private lets.

Dwayne Said:

How much difference would a panoramic view of the sea make to the rental value of a house in the UK?

We Answered:

A lot. Maybe not hundreds of £ per month but that will also depend upon the property and the surrounding area

Jay Said:

What will the effect be on house rental prices?

We Answered:

I thought they would but experts reckon rents will go up.I
take no notice of them there is way too much gloom & doom.
House Prices needed to come down i feel sorry for the people that have paid high prices & will end up with negative equity.Hope they can ride it out as i still think prices will go back up.

Glenda Said:

How can I find a rental apartment or house in London (UK) for a family with kids?

We Answered:

Have you a job offer in the UK? Most international companies will offer the services of a relocation company. As for moving your furniture over the relocation would ship your items. But if you are planning to stay for a year I would put everything in storage.

London is a very expensive city so to find something that is reasonable to going to be hard. look in the local papers, try local agencies (estate agents) may hold rentals.

Good luck

Stanley Said:

I have put a deposit down on a rental house in the UK, but haven't yet signed anything,now....?

We Answered:

They probably will try unless you change your mind and go for another house with them, as a deposit means they have taken the house off the market. May be worth discussing with CAB or a solicitor to see where you stand legally. A "solicitors letter " may avoid taking then to court.

Monica Said:

Do UK rental prices for residential properties fluctuate with the house prices?

We Answered:

no it fluctuates depending on how many foreigners there is willing to rent

Dwayne Said:

uk house rental fire regulations and deposit?

We Answered:

Wisdom decrees that you make a full inspection of any place you are moving into, taking photographs of every contentious issue and lodging with a solicitor until you move out. You then have proof of pre-existing issues.

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