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Room 2 Rent

Evelyn Said:

Can you get a mortgage for a 2 bed flat then rent 1 room?

We Answered:

The bank will not care, but your condo or homeowners association may. Check with them before you buy the flat.

Robin Said:

4 people/3 rooms. How much rent should each person be paying if 2 people share a room in a 3 bedroom apartment

We Answered:

my question would be the bathrooms. how many bathrooms are there in this apartment. if the couple have a bathroom for themselves that means they have the master bedroom, and the other two have to share one bathroom between them. i assume this because any three bedroom house of apartment has to have at least 1-1/2 baths or 2 baths. if the couple has any special benefit like having a 1/2 bath for their use and the other two do not have that; or if they have a bathroom for just the two of them and the other two also share one bathroom............ then the rent should be divided into 4.

if they get the larger room of the three (always is a larger room in any three bedroom apartment), then that justifies for the rent to be divided into 4. frankly, i would pay extra is i had my own bathroom in my room as it is a private bathroom and i do not have to go out into the hall to get to it. since they are a couple, they would be needing their privacy more and a bathroom in their room is a luxury...... ergo rent is divided into 4.

and that goes for all utilities, etc. etc. etc.

now, if they are the original occupants, and both of the other two are coming in, then out of respect for them, i would say only in this situation 1/3 rent and 1/4 everything else.

Adam Said:

For a commuter is there an affordable way to rent a room 2 nights a week close to Disney in Orlando?

We Answered:

What's affordable to you? I really doubt working 2 days per week renting a room will do anything but cause you to basically work for free. If you must do it, stay at a flea bag hotel. Balance cost against what you make.

Alvin Said:

how much would it cost to rent a room for 2 somehere on corfu?

We Answered:

I think you can find what you look for in this site:…
You can find a nice guest house for about 50-60 euros the double-room.

Bruce Said:

Anyone have a room or 2 for rent in or near abington?

We Answered:

go to Craig's list or list your question there

Antonio Said:

Is there a minimum age 2 rent a room in a hotel/motel or something like that?

We Answered:

18 and 21 are the allowed ages. If you are below 21 years old you must check the hotels check-in policies for minimum checkin age of 18, because some hotels allow only people of 21 years old. You may also need a Photo ID. If you are below 18, Some one 18 can book a room and take you with him.

Else you can also call the hotels directly to know whether they allow you or not.

Else you can check the hostels.

Patsy Said:

I am the owner of appartment, person who rent a room doesn't want to pay rent and drinks for 2 weeks already.

We Answered:

You need to file an Unlawful Detainer with the courts and start eviction. You can't evict over the drinking, only the non-payment.

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