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Room To Let In

Christine Said:

where can i get Living room theme in chocolate, mocha, cream, colours?

We Answered:

I used a palette of all brown tones in my living and dining rooms and we really love it. its a very warm and earthy feel. cozy and calming. We have dark hardwwod floors. The walls are painted a soft light brown (not beige). The trim is painted a very dark chocolate color ("traditional" by Ralph Lauren). the trim includes window and door frames, baseboards, picture rail in the dining room, beams in the ceiling, and the framing on the accent wall which is made of leather panels. The stucco fireplace is painted a burnt orange/red which really highlights the copper ceiling. The hearth is made of terra cotta ceramic tile. Window treatments are wooden shutters with dark bamboo insets. Our sofa is light tan with bold deep red cushions. And we have a leather wing chair and ottoman by the fireplace. In the dining room we have a large dark walnut pub table and pub stools upholstered in a tan and red stripe. At first we thought the color scheme might be too monochromatic but as the rooms are small, it really helps give the appearance of unity and space to the area. Plus we incorporated a lot of texture into the rooms: leather, bamboo, ceramic tile, copper, stucco. we used red as the only color in an otherwise all brown room as it ties together all the elements nicely--the leather furniture and panelling, the copper ceiling tiles, the dark walnut of furniture and floors, the terra cotta tiles, and all the various tones of brown in the paint and upholstery.We have a couple of contrasting accents in the room: a bronze aztec mask hand painted with turquoise and silver details and a beautiful Navajo carpet that our friends brought back from Santa Fe, which we use as a throw on the sofa. we also have a couple of mexican pots with aloe and yucca in them, and a bronze lamp with amber glass shade.We have kept the accents down to a minimum of color contrasts. Some people have commented that they find the rooms too dark, but we love the cozy and warm/earthy neutral feel that the space creates. Its a great color choice and we feel we will be able to live with it a lot longer than most of the bright trendy colors that seem to change from year to year. browns are classic and timeless.

Daisy Said:

Let's say you're trapped in an empty room.?

We Answered:

If its a Riddle and if you are looking for innovative answer then here goes,

1. The person will cry cry so much that the room is filled in tears and the person drowns in it.
( Kate Winslet cried and Titanic Sunk )

2. The person would remove all his / her clothes and die of SHAME

3. (GROSS WAY??) Person would **** pee vomit and sink themselves in it.

4. (FUNNY)Tickle themselves to death

Sara Said:

Anyone know where I can get a room to rent in Honolulu Hawaii?

We Answered:

There is a SRO (single room ocupancy) residentiol Hotel On King street Near Pua Lane that is a low cost alternitive.
Also on Pua Lane abought half a block up is a rooming house that has a shared kitchen and bath that rents by the week.
Also you may find reasonable rooms in chinatown off Hotel street

Michele Said:

What can I do to make my room more "soundproof"?

We Answered:

Use headphones.

Or spend thousands installing acoustic insulation.

Miguel Said:

Is the least resrictive environment always a regular class room?

We Answered:

nbo--it depends on teh child--

if taht was always teh LRE there woul dnot be any segrageted clsses/schools at all

it it teh top level of LRE

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