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Room To Rent In London

William Said:

I'm looking for a room to rent in london......?

We Answered: or are the two most popular the third is Good luck and i hope that you find a good room in a clean and safe house or area

Harvey Said:

How to rent a room in London ? ?

We Answered:

I am not sure what the guy above me is on about - I have lived in London for six years and have never seen a "room for rent" sign in a window.

Gumtree truly is the best source of flatshares. You can try the lettings section of The London Paper's website, or, or, but trust me, Gumtree is definitely the best option.

In terms of what you should check for and be aware of ... obviously check that everything is in reasonable condition; check how many bathrooms per resident (I once saw a house that had one bathroom for 12 people); check that you will get along with the people already living there; check how far from bus and tube stations; check how much bills and council tax cost, and if they're included or not.

Most importantly, check who you are paying the deposit to. (BTW, it's legal for them to ask for up to two month's rent as a deposit, but no more). Either of the following situations are fine:
- You are paying it to an agency (as then you have some protection under law to get it back)
- You are paying it to the person whose room you are taking, on the understanding that when you eventually move out, you will find someone to take your room and they will pay you

What is NOT okay is paying it to an existing housemate. You have no legal protection to ever get it back. If someone really wants you to do this, then I would try to negotiate the deposit down to two week's rent so that you can afford to lose it if worst comes to worst.

Melissa Said:

"How can I find a CHEAP room to rent in London near the university of Westminster?

We Answered:

A cheap place in London's Westminster?? I'm sorry but I dont think it exists. Doesn't that uni have a campus where students live?

Bradley Said:

Does anybody rent a room in the London area for a short to long term (3 to 6 months) soon?

We Answered:

Go to…
Most ads show the location on a map so you'll be able to see the distance to the tube and to Central London.

Good luck!

Byron Said:

Who would rent a room in London where I (italian) could make my clothes?

We Answered:

Try OzAdz - you can find places to stay, jobs and meet people in London.

Stella Said:

What is the difference between a "double room" and a "single room" for rent in London?

We Answered:

I have absolutely no idea what cat is harking on about - she is clearly not a Londoner!! Having lived in several flats (they're not called apartments here) in London I can assure you that a double room is a room which comes with a double bed (or at least room for one), whilst a single room is one which comes with, you guessed it, a single bed.

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