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Room To Rent

Samantha Said:

What is a typical rent per month for a room in NYC?

We Answered:

It would depend on exactly where it is, but it's not generally out of line. A room in a shared house or apartment in Queens or Brooklyn for $600 - $1,000 monthly, depending on location, size, and amenities. Often in those situations you also have to pay for gas, electricity, and cable. Presumably with a host family you wouldn't have those expenses.

Pedro Said:

I want to rent a cheap (as cheap as possible) room in/near Delhi. Are there any cheap hostels available?

We Answered:


I think Laxminagar Sakarpur is Best For you, for job and cheap Accomodation, here you can get so much hostel and rooms for rent ,and it is also near and cover Delhi/Gurgaon/Gaziabbad


Alfred Said:

Where can I rent a cheap party room in CT?

We Answered:

An American Legion Hall may suit your purpose. There are various around Connecticut.

Antonio Said:

Do you prefer to rent a room or rent a whole house in Southern California?

We Answered:

Take this with whatever grains of salt... preferably on a Margarita...

I wouldn't want to live in SoCa in the first place, but if I HAD to move there, I'd probably try to rent a room from some frustrated homeowner in dire straits. Only because I probably wouldn't want to stay there forever... also, because I might have a 'friend' in the homeowner that could tell me the areas to stay out of, sights to see, the best places to shop... whatever.

Yeah, I'd rent a room.



Luis Said:

How old do you have to be to rent a room at Extended Stay America hotels in Schaumburg, IL?

We Answered:

I think they are only concerned that you have a credit card. No card; no room.

Edith Said:

Best way to find a bachelor room to rent in downtown Toronto?

We Answered:

Check the weekend classified section of the Toronto Star.

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