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Rooms To Let In Glasgow

Billie Said:

Were you ever picked to play a part in the Nativity Play?

We Answered:

Cheers for the Glasgow weans!

Keith Said:

anyone want to re fit a bathroom in glasgow area?

We Answered:

About &12,000, plus travel and expenses from Canada.

When do you want me to start ?

Francisco Said:

Pop Culture orientated writing. Should I continue? Please help!?

We Answered:

Great style, dude, but where's it gong? What's it about - other than a list of your sexual experiences, which aren't all that interesting to those of us who are past that stage. You want to start at an interesting point in the story and make a scene out of it. Tell us about the party - who was there and doing what. Tell us so'd we'll feel we were there. You have five senses: tell us what each of them told you. You're also going to need a Big Problem arising out of that party, one that will take your hero the whole book to resolve. He gets a girl pregnant, he starts taking drugs, he sh*gs someone's mother. Just get us involved.

Ramon Said:

What are the regulations for hotel rooms in the UK?

We Answered:

hotels vary a lot ... many hotels don't have rooms with only one single bed in it so anyone booking a single room will actually get a room with double or twin beds in it, but you can't guarantee this ... if you are lucky enough to get a room with beds for two and it's an impersonal sort of hotel then you might be able to sneak another person into the room ... traditionally hotels in UK charged per person so if they were to find you had another person with you then yes they would charge ... however nowadays there are some hotels that charge per room so then it wouldn't matter ... places like Travelodge, Premier Inn etc tend to charge per room

all in all it's difficult, if not impossible, to answer your question ... you'd need to say to the hotel that you were thinking of having someone join you for part of your stay and see what reaction you get

Sally Said:

(Glesga) Glasgow funnys,,?

We Answered:

hahahaha!!! fecking superb jokes***

Dave Said:

Hi! I am looking for a flat share in Glasgow. Do u have a room to let? I am a mature student .?

We Answered:

Try Gumtree on the internet.
They have loads of flat share's

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