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Rooms To Let In

Bernard Said:

What if anything is Yahoo doing about bots in chat rooms?

We Answered:

For many years now, bots have been, and I think always will be, present in Yahoo chat rooms. I use a program called YTunnelPro that is a companion program for Yahoo Messenger. It filters out ads, bots, flooding, boots, invites, and more and can be configured for your own personal preferences. Get it here... The program costs $18 and is well worth it, and includes unlimited, free upgrades .

Gertrude Said:

The Hotel Thomasina has 550 rooms. Currently the hotel is filled . The daily rental is $ 900 per room.?

We Answered:

Nice try to have someone do your homework for you. Not for this category.

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Paket Pulau Pramuka said:

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