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Rooms To Rent In Edinburgh

Lester Said:

Cheap places to stay in Edinburgh?

We Answered:

The simple answer is that all the cheap places to stay were booked last Christmas. Your options are:

Phone the tourist board on 0845 22 55 121, and see if they can find you anything. I think that there is a booking fee, and you are probably going have to pay £50 or more per night.

Stay out of town and just come in for the day. For instance Stirling or Glasgow is less than an hour away by train. Both cities have hostels, and the SYHA online booking system was showing beds available next week.

Find a quiet street and sleep in the car.

Book now for 2010.

Megan Said:

Ran out of anti-depressants a few days ago, moods are bad, but had a disagreement with doctor?

We Answered:

Try taking 5htp instead of the Fluoxetine. You can buy them from the health food store and I've found they work a heck of a lot better than the prescribed antidepressant that I was on. Prescribed antidepressants only work for a few months anyway, then they generally need to increase the dose to get the same effect.

The 5htp won't ruin your sex life and you can take it at night to help you sleep. It won't cause you any tiredness the next day.

Rhodiola Rosea (Siberian Golden Root) is another thing that you can take for depression and tiredness.

If you're suffering from a lot of rage and tension then L-Theanine can help with those feelings.

Some people take St Johns Wort for depression, but don't take it with the 5htp as they have virtually the same effect. I couldn't take the SJW due to it giving me side effects.

I prefer to treat my own depression due to not wanting to discuss my feelings with my doctor and the feeling that they're too busy to deal with you and aren't really taking you seriously anyway.

Try to give yourself time with the grief. Anger is a normal part of the grieving process and I felt like that after my first husband died. I was pretty much enraged with anyone and everyone, but you do learn to live with it in time. Don't rush yourself and allow yourself to grieve.

Hope you feel better soon.

Richard Said:

how to save money while on vacation in Scotland?

We Answered:

Well you have over 8mths to make your plans.When you arrive at Abbotsinch(glasgow) and hire a car.You're about 21mls fromm Kilmarnock and once outside of glasgow to Kil. is a straight road.Hey you could be a relative of mine.I'm from kil. Anyway once in killie(kilmarnock)you are only 3mils from Galston 4mls from Newmilns and 5mls from Darvel.Incidetally there's a very good bus service between Killie and the surrounding areas.Personally I'd be looking at boarding with a local family
Next best I'd say would be one of the local inns.These other places you mention are all within an easy drive of Killie.Though I've not heard of Torqueer
I still have relations in Killie and the surrounding district,So if I can help you,I will.Contact me at my yahoo address.You might think the brits drive on the wrong side of the road.The wonder is they drive anywhere Petrol(gasoline)is over $5gall.Anyway if you decide to contact me I'll give you lots of worthwhile info

Janet Said:

What is the best way to find a room to rent in Edinburgh, Scotland?

We Answered:

Diane Said:

Large group to stay on-campus at Edinburgh University?

We Answered:

Edinburgh Uni, and Napier Uni both have 100's of student flats in the city centre. Some of these are rentable and might be ideal for groups like yourselves. However they are only free during the summer between the times when the previous years students have moved out and before the new ones have moved in. This means April - October. Try contacting by emailing the uni.

Kristin Said:

Would you call the Police?

We Answered:

Some places have very strict laws regarding property and drug sales. Landlords can get in serious trouble, sometimes lose their property if drugs are being sold out of their houses. If the landlord is a decent person, you might want to talk with him or her. MOST landlords will be keen to kicking drug dealers and users out of their property, as police do not do repairs after they kick down a door and do a nasty search of the premises. In fact, if you let the landlord know your next step is to inform the police, the landlord might get rid of those nasty people real quick, without a trial based out of their own self interest.
Tell your friend to file a report with the police as well. They probably will not or cannot do anything based on that little bit of information, however, she must insist on the report being filed. Then, if anything nasty ever happens to her as a result of those two, then she will have that paper trail to fall back on. Also, have her seek help at the university. Again, it will not HELP, but, if something happens, there will be a paper trail at the University corroborating her story. It looks much better than being arrested and saying, "I swear officer, those drugs weren't mine"
Lastly, the advice about just getting out is right. If it comes down to it, just move. A good lawyer's retainer and the long term costs of a drug related arrest is far worse than the rent she MIGHT lose.
I don't know about the UK, but if you are convicted on ANY drug charge in the US while receiving financial aid, they pull it. You must either pay for uni out of pocket, or quit.

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