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Rooms To Rent

Brian Said:

Am I allowed to rent rooms in my primary residence in the eyes of the IRS and mortgage company?

We Answered:

Check with your zoning board. Some towns have a limit on how many unrelated people can live in a house. If you exceed that, you are an unlicensed boarding house and can get into much trouble.

Sarah Said:

is it illegal to rent rooms in a single family home even if your the owner of the home?

We Answered:

It would depend on the zoning of the property. If it's in a subdivision with no other multi-family properties, then is probably a violation.

The question about a lawsuit is over my head. But I'd consider a couple of points before I jumped into court. How much did you know before you moved in (remember ignorance of the laws is no excuse but may be considered). If you force the landlord to move one of you out - where would you go and how much more will it cost you each month.

Good luck, I hope it works for you.

Manuel Said:

How should Rent / Rooms be split in a 3 bedroom house with 1 couple and 1 single?

We Answered:

I'll bet you are moving in with Satura D. Each person pays 1/3 of rent and utilities. The 3rd bedroom can be for guests or an office all can use. Just because the couple share a room does not mean they should pay less. They could have separate rooms if they want.

Colleen Said:

does a house i rent rooms out individually in follow different rules than a regular "tenant" in ont?

We Answered:

They do have rights, however, as the residing home owner you do have more legal room to be more strict and picky about your property because it is not "just a rental" but also your place of residence..

Example: legally you can not deny to rent an apt or house to a person souly based on them having a disability, say they're in a wheel chair. But you can deny that when it comes to a room w/in your home because you are now legally responsible for any injuries that could occur w/in your home.

Sergio Said:

Do all hotels allow 18 year olds to rent rooms in the US?

We Answered:

No, not all hotels allow 18 year olds to rent a room. Some hotels will rent to 18 year olds, but many hotels wont.

Kyle Said:

Is it illegal to rent rooms in your office you work at?

We Answered:

Well that depends on several things. Three of the most important I can think of are local zoning laws, right to lease property and terms of lease (ie is he subleasing it as office space or actually a place for people to "live") The local zoning laws would effect what the space could be leased out for, if your friend is subletting as office space; that is probably not a problem. The major question is does your friend who is a worker have any rights to sublease the property; since it's not likely that he has any interest as a lease holder the answer is probably no. So yeah he can get in trouble, but more than likely it will be a civil matter between all parties, but that includes the tenants, his boss, and the company who owns/manages the property.

Ruth Said:

Is it true that not anybody can rent rooms in Netherlands?

We Answered:

I don't see why not. Assuming you have a UK passport it should not be any problem. I think this page on the website of the dutch embassy may be of interest to you:…

Perhaps your friend was confused about the fact that you have to register with the municipal authorities. Quoting from the embassy website:

Do I need to register with the local authority?
All nationalities (including Dutch citizens) must register at their local town hall (stadhuis) within five days after arrival in the Netherlands. Registration details are kept in the population register (bevolkingsregister). The following documents are required:

* a valid passport;
* a legalised birth certificate and (where applicable) a marriage, divorce or death certificate relating to any (previous) marriages;
* evidence of marital or civil status.

Since there is no population register in the UK the Dutch authorities will accept a declaration made before a consular official at the British Consulate General in Amsterdam. The British Consulate General can be contacted at:

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