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Rooms To Share

Jerry Said:

can you get an increase in sec 8 voucher if a kid becomes too old to share rooms with another ?

We Answered:

If you share a bedroom with a child of the same gender, then there's not an age where you're too old to share the bedroom. If you were sharing a bedroom with your brother in government housing, you and he would have to have seperate rooms by a certain age, which varies by state. Since you're a girl sharing with your sister, there is no age limit for you sharing.

Maybe you could ask your parents to get you and your sister bunkbeds...then you could get a couple of sheets and curtain off the bottom bunk to be your private space. I did that when I shared a bedroom with my sister. (My parents had plenty of bedrooms in the home, they just believed that all the girls should share one bedroom).

Duane Said:

why the hell do you have to share rooms in college?

We Answered:

There are two reasons for it. First of all, it is part of the learning process. You need to learn to live with other people, especially those who come from different backgrounds than you do. That's especially true these days, when so many students come from homes where they have never had to share a room before (until a few years ago, most students had shared rooms with siblings before they came to college). It's good practice, not only for the future when you have your own family, but for when you graduate, when in most parts of the country, you won't be able to afford your own room for a good long time.

Secondly, of course, it is a lot cheaper to house several people in one room than to build separate rooms for each student. At most schools there are a few single rooms, but you need to pay a lot more for them.

Chances are that your roommate won't be in the room most of the time, and neither will you. You'll get privacy, just not 24-hours a day. That isn't really healthy anyway, so you should be fine.

Wilma Said:

Whats the bad thing of having to share rooms with a sister?

We Answered:

well if she dating i bet she going to bring guy in the room and ask you to leave or something like that and maybe if you guys share the same clothing size she might take your stuff without asking . you never get privacy. or and your schedule and hers might be different so sometimes her alarm clock might go off in a different time

Jacqueline Said:

do hawaii community college students share rooms with university of hawaii-hilo students?

We Answered:

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Best of luck.

Claire Said:

Why the hell do you have to share rooms in college?

We Answered:

So who the hell do you think you are?
Many students are grateful for attending college on whatever terms are available.

Share a room, or live off campus (if that's allowed), or quit college and get a job at Taco Bell.

Know what I'm sayin?

Hector Said:

If your kitchen & living room share a wall, how would you seperate the rooms?

We Answered:

Yuppp, use two colors to seperate both rooms! Also, you can always use a third as a border! Another cool idea, buy a fancy molding from Home Depot and seperate the room by adding the molding on the ceiling and also the wall!~good luck

Steve Said:

I rent rooms to individ people on their own leases who share kitchen. Do I have to give 24 hr notice to enter?

We Answered:

No, you do not have to give any notice at all, just do not enter their little domains.

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