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Search For Accommodation

Debbie Said:

I got a job in Hyderabad but i don't know how to search my accommodation there ? please help me...?

We Answered:

Congrates buddy...... i can help you... You can visit or can call on +91 92000 96000 this is the facility provided by website... they do not take any charge...

Raymond Said:

Can you suggest some good places to search for accommodation in London, either newspapers or websites.?

We Answered:

try some agencies

Alexander Said:

i am looking for short-term accommodation in canberra, moving with family in october (2 children)?

We Answered:


and look in the rental section

or try local newspapers they are always advertising rentals

Gloria Said:

Can anyone suggest me some websites to search for accommodation in Germany?(mannheim in particular)?

We Answered:

The biggest German website to search for apartments or houses is Immoscout.

For a short term I would search for a Makler ( Person who will search for you be aware this can be expensive so look carefully at the contract you sign)

I add you a link with several Makler in Mannheim

You can additionally search on yellow pages and in the Telephone register.

I m sorry if you do not speak enough German you can only look on Craiglist but be aware the offers will be much less on a non German site the language in Germany is German and you will not find everything in English.
Rather check the yellow pages or the telephone register for Immobilien makler there is not even a craiglist for Mannheim :/(

WG gesucht is only for shared flats ( Wohngemeinschaft in German) not for renting an apartment.

Frank Said:

Is it possible to get one room PG Accommodation in the Zone 1 London, for 600 pounds 10days in May-June?

We Answered:

try and look under the heading for short term lets or house shares.
Close to the South bank will be one of the most expensive places to rent, but if you have £600 for 10 days for one person then you will have no problem.
Alternatively you could search for a hotel room for that price, try but if you are intent on staying with a family, gumtree may be your best bet. That said, the Southbank area is not really the sort of area where the people need/want people staying with them in their private houses!

Sherri Said:

Schengen passenger going to Switzerland wants to know how he should search for accommodation near Basel?

We Answered:

No, you are not right with your understanding that you need to enter and stay in the country of your first destination. You may enter the Schengen zone wherever you like to; lots of visitors especially to smaller Schengen countries enter the Schengen zone and go through immigration at the major European hubs and continue their travel on Schengen internal flights without any further immigration procedures. Once you have entered the Schengen zone you can proceed without further immigration crossing internal Schengen borders like between France and Switzerland.
You need however address the visa application to the country which is your main destination, or if your stay should be equally distributed, to the first country of entry. In other words if you apply for a visa at a Swiss Embassy you need to provide an itinerary which either has Switzerland as main destination or as the first country of entry.
Planning a tour through Switzerland you could easily stay at a hotel in Mulhouse for the first night before you continue your travel to other locations in Switzerland.
For hotel bookings you can easily check the country by the postal code in the address; French addresses show a five digit postal code starting with 68; Swiss addresses have 4 digits starting with 40; should the postal code be five digits and starts with 79 the hotel would be in Germany.
The borders between Switzerland and France are still manned, not by immigration officers but by customs officers since Switzerland is not a member of the European Economic Area (EEA) which forms a customs-free zone.

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