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Student Accommodation Aberdeen

Jackie Said:

which is the best place to stay @ robert gordon college in aberdeen?

We Answered:

Ok firstly Robert Gordon College is a completely different institution than RG University. lol might be why your not getting any answers, not sure about the accommodation as i went to Aberdeen but most uni accommodation is rather standard, try and get the student housing in town as it means less distance back from the pub!

Sherry Said:

Can anyone tell me more about Aberdeen University?

We Answered:

If you listen to one or two people, how will you know that they are representitive?

The Times and The Sunday Times do rankings of universities:

'Take great care in choosing your subject and university'…

'Sunday Times University Guide' - click on the university in the rankings to see a summary.
You may need to get a subscription to see full breakdowns by subject.…

The Times - World University Rankings 2010-2011…

This is an important decision, and you should analyse all the information for yourself and come to a decision you will be happy with, based on your own research.

Use these websites if you think it is a good idea for you to do so, you need to make your own decision, I haven't evaluated or checked them myself.

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