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Student Accommodation Auckland

Stanley Said:

Want to move to New Zealand?

We Answered:

That's exactly like me! I don't want to go to New Zealand (been there, done that), but Canada. When I finish year 12 in November and we've all turned 18, me and my 2 best friends are going to Canada for 6 months then to Europe for 6, I'm so excited.

I'm no expert of course but here's my say -

1. It is realistic. There are a few good universities in NZ, and it's not too hard to swap to another one when you return to US. To make it easier, look for a uni that has some kind of connection with one in the US. SOme unis here (Australia) have campuses in other countries or an affiliation with a local uni somewhere else. That way you can begin your course, and it would be as simple as doing a student exchange back to America, fniish your course, and stay there.

2. I haven't heard any specifics on this, but as a young girl on your own, you'd just need to be on guard and constantly aware of the dangers. I don't think AUckland is any more or less dangerous than the average city (but that may not be true, just haven't heard anything lately, and here we hear a fair of from NZ)

3. I would guess finding an apartment there would be just like anywhere else?

4. Only other thing I'd say, make sure you come over here to Australia for a holiday, it's awesome. I've been all over the outback and around the coasts, time of my life!

I totally know what you mean by This isn't a childish whim. I am a traveler by nature.' That is so me. I get restless living in one place too long, even though I've only moved once in my life, I just want to see the world.

Probably a lot of stuff here of no interest to you lol but hope somethings good for you!

Earl Said:

Need cheap housing and food in Auckland, New Zealand. Do you know?

We Answered:

Oh damn Auckland is an expensive city. But i found just the website:…

Thomas Said:

what are the accommodations available in Auckland, North Shore?

We Answered:

These are a short walking distance from there and you can get something in your price range.

Ocean Inn Motel…

Auckland North Shore Motels & Holiday Park (this is probably the better option?…

Poenamo Hotel…

But you can use the site to find other options that will be further away.

Gina Said:

Where do i search for cheap and safe accommodation in Auckland(NZ)?

We Answered:

I would ask in the New Zealand section for a start we are different countries.

Secondly if your a student contact the university your going to be studying at as they should be able to put you onto someone who can help

Francis Said:

What is the cost of living in Auckland for a couple?

We Answered:

Auckland is a very Beautiful city, But i"m afraid You will be needing a job or your partner will, as rental accommodation in the city is very expensive, your uni is in Downtown Auckland area, and food cost so much in New Zealand. try to find accommodation before you go. accommodation on campus is ok for singles, but i think when you have a partner you need your own space, and privacy. try on line for suburbs like Mt Roskill ,Kohimarama,Missionbay and even Devonport over the bridge to North Shore. Good I reckon rent will take most of your funds. good luck.

Allen Said:

Where to live in Auckland that is close to train links?

We Answered:

Best is Auckland City...u can stay in Sun apartment...its cheap..i used2 live there...and u need a train ...yes its near 2 that...but instead of going by train go by bus...its cheaper..coz if u make monthly pass $110..u can go by STAGECOACH BUS AND LINK BUS...within A zone...or day pass $7...u can go anywhere in A zone...if u need any help mail me....

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