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Student Accommodation Australia

Marshall Said:

What is student accommodation like?

We Answered:

$70 rent sounds mighty good!! Originally when I started uni I lived in an off campus dorm. There about 80 other people and we all had single rooms, shared ammenities and kitchen. That was about 400 per fortnight, all costs included such as meals, bills, internet.
The following year I lived in a share house with friends where I paid 100 per week just in rent. I would usually get about 30 a week for groceries. About 10 per week for public transport to and from uni. electricity was about 50 every 3 months ( split with 3 others). Internet was 20 per month (we had a HUGE quota hehe). Can't remember much else, but I would say 70 per week is pretty sweet, I now pay 120 per week and I live with my bf.

Daryl Said:

Question : What is approximate cost of staying in a shared accommodation?

We Answered:

the approximate cost of sharing accommodation is a daily body-fluid exchange

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