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Student Accommodation Birmingham

Wanda Said:

Cost of living as a student - excluding accommodation + tuition fees?

We Answered:


try this game thing its from bham uni

its quite good to determine how much money youmayn spend :) and as you go through it says things like how much each month you may spend on books or socialising etrc
hope i helped :)

oh ye i have the uni of bham book here il put down what they think a studfent would spend on average...
oh ye and it is from the information booklet on 'flying the nest' for parents

it is based per week...
accomadation £74 - 140
TV Lisence £2.50
food/houswekeeping/socialising £62
travel/transport £10
Mobile phone £5
books/study material/photocoping/printing £19.50
contents insurance £1-5
sporting activities £3-5
clothes £10

its worth getting the booklets from the uni :)

Christopher Said:

Where to live in Birmingham as a college student?

We Answered:

If i were you I'd live at least one bus journey away from the city centre (or your university) if you cant live litterally next door to it. Near to the university will be safe as a known student area, anywhere else in the city centre will be like russian roulette, so go to an outskirt one bus journey away..

Personally I'd try to find a sponser you can stay with or get onto student service immeditaely and explain your not a UK resident and need help (I'm not saying Birmingham is rough, but some areas, like with all places have reputation, and they should help you)

*Maybe look out for other students too that are advertising to share a house?

Kristina Said:

How much does it cost to live in UK (per year)

We Answered:

In addition to what's above...

Prices throughout the UK change. For instance, it's a lot more expensive to live in London than it is to live in another part of England. Just as it would be much more expensive to live in Washington DC than another area in the US.

Christian Said:

Is it a good idea to rent a student accommodation in Birmingham UK or it is better to go to the student dorm?

We Answered:

The majority of students live in student dorms for their first year, wherever they are in the UK.

This generally gives you the best social experience, and allows you to make loads of new friends really quickly.

After the first year, is when most people rent their own student accomodation, WITH their new friends they've already made!!!!

Eugene Said:

There are two gigs my fave band is playing. I've already booked the tickets for one, should I go to the other?

We Answered:

Go for it. A few years ago I saw a band in Newcastle then travelled all the way to Aberdeen the next day to see them again. It was a lot of fun. Mindless Self Indulgence are awesome I saw them in November. You'll have a great time. Try and stay in a B&B to cut down on costs. :-)

Charlie Said:

student accommodation in Birmingham?

We Answered:

Actually, there are a lot of areas outside of Birmingham city centre that are easily commutable via the cross city line train sevice running between Birmingham New Street and Lichfield Trent Valley. As the other answerer stated, Selly Oak is an area with a high proportion of students and it's easily commutable to Birmingham.

If you want a cheap flat, some city centre shops may rent out the upper floor above the shop which is what I did when I was a student. Flats in the city centre will otherwise by expensive. There is a new complex near Brindley Place called the Jupiter Complex but I think the flats there on average are about £650pcm but you might be able to get one bedroom apartment for about £475pcm.

The web site I would recommend is Find A Property:…

Rene Said:

What would be the best way to go about learning hairdressing?

We Answered:

I had to think about this one for awhile. My answers aren't exactly yes/no and straightforward because what to choose depends a lot on a variety of factors that you will need to research and examine before making your final choice. I am giving you some extra ideas to think about here.

I feel like it is important for you to get the schooling in hairdressing, even if you get a p.t. job in hairdressing as an apprentice, because if you lose that job, or if that company goes out of business in the future, and you have no schooling in hairdressing and you're out there competing against people who do have the schooling, it could be hard for you to find another job. Plus, there may be a lot of things in college that you learn that you don't learn on the apprenticeship job.

a - If you are saying that Birmingham's university has a course in hairdressing, then I'd say, go there, live in student accommodation, study hairdressing there, and try to get a job in hairdressers on the side. However, you will need to know how many hours of school you will need per semester. If your school schedule has to be full time or is very full, then getting a hairdresser job on the side might not be a viable option. Check the school's catalog and schedules first. Do some research on are there many p.t. jobs advertised in that area for apprenticeship hairdressing, and what are the sources of these jobs (ie, schools' job boards, classified ads, asking around, referrals, etc.) If you can't find hairdresser jobs on the side, and/or if your school schedule is too full to be able to do a regular p.t. job on the side, then if you need extra money while going to school, try to find work that you can do on weekends and evenings, like babysitting, pet sitting, selling products, I don't know, but something that isn't so hard to fit around a heavy school schedule. Or, if you can manage a p.t. job in addition to school, and if there are few or no p.t. hairdresser apprentice jobs in the area to choose from, then get any kind of p.t. job in any field so you'll have extra money you need while going to school; and if you do this, you'll have some experience in another field that you can fall back on if later on you have any trouble holding a hairdresser job in a down economy.

b - I feel you need to go to school and not just take an apprenticeship job, so I don't think this is a good option, although it seems rather tempting to do it because it is less complicated than your other options and easier.

c- Getting the Toni & Guy job, going to college, too....This option sounds too difficult and complicated to me, as student finance could be a problem, trying to fit this job around schooling is a problem, and if you can't get the room at university because of it, then you'll have to find a place to live to rent, and fast, and does your income cover that rent. On the other hand, if there is a good way to have this job and complete your schoolwork at the same time, and have a place to live, and have all of your financial needs covered, well, then, this is a good option. I don't have enough information to know if this would work, but you can do some research to decide on it or not.

I also want to say that if you can take some courses in another field of interest while you are taking the hairdresser courses, or, if you can find a p.t. job that you like in another field, this will help to cover you in case the country's economy goes more downhill in the future, as you'll have a second career to fall back on when people stop going to hairdressers because they can no longer afford it. Hairdressers are one area where people cut back when their budgets are too tight, and this could cause beauty parlors to go out of business in huge numbers. I don't want to scare you, and I don't want to tell you to not go into this field, because I believe you should do what you love to do and follow your current guidance on this.

I sympathize with your love for a hairdressing career because I have always had an interest in that field, myself, but I couldn't do it because I have a physical handicap that keeps me from being able to stand for long periods of time.

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