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Student Accommodation Boston

Claire Said:

Hello! Do you know if summer consultancy internships (McKinsey's, Boston Cons. Group) are paid or not?

We Answered:

They are paid very little. Usually interns have lots of roomates to share costs.

Laurie Said:

Any advice on hotels/hostels in Boston?

We Answered:

Hosteling International has a hostel on hemenway street in the fenway/backbay area. It's central to the Prudential Center, Copley, Fenway Park and MFA area. Great spot. Rooms are about $27-55 a night per person. It's in a safe neighborhood full of Berklee, Boston Conservatory and Northeastern students. There website is here:…

They also have one on Commonweath Ave closer to BU, but more out of the way.

This website also lists all hostels in Boston with rates:

Joel Said:

A worthwhile tour to Boston?

We Answered:

First, need more information. For instance, are you of age? (21+) What are your interests? Nightlife?
And how long do you intend on staying? Till the money runs out?
I'm not sure if you'll have a car but if you don't you can get a Charlie card and replenish as you go. I think depending on how far the train ride- it's between 1 to 2 dollars a ride.
Boston isn't that expensive but at the same time it really depends on what you are doing. If you plan on going out dancing it's around 10-15 cover (if you're a guy) and drinks $7-15.
Boston is a very historical city, so there are a lot of free things to see. Also, you can visit Harvard square and Newbury St.
Another cool idea would be to take a bus down to NYC. In the summer I got a cheap bus round-trip for 40 dollars. Try looking up PeterPan.

Sonia Said:

Are there any places to stay near MIT Sloan school of management, for under $100 per night?

We Answered:

Wasn't able to find anything in the immediate area under $150/night -- definitely something going on for those dates that's causing the jump in prices.

Was able to find a hotel, under $100/night, near a station -- just not sure how easily you'll be able to get to MIT from there.

The Presidents City Inn is located under a half-mile from the Wollaston Station, on Beale Street, in Quincy.

You can read about the hotel, view pics, check rates & book online here:…

Will try to find out if you can use the Wollaston stop to get to MIT...

Good luck, hope that helps!

Philip Said:

Boston summer accommodation?

We Answered:

Your best bet is to try the local section "boston" on is there that you can find temporary housing, rooms to share and what not.


Joyce Said:

Music graduate school students or graduates, what would you do in this situation?

We Answered:

This is a big frustration, I'm sure!!

Honestly, the best thing you can do is to get out. This school obviously does not have its act together. Can I ask where this is? (I understand if you don't want to share that information)

If you do want to stick it out, at least for the year, here are some things to think about.

*Set up a meeting with the college/university's dean of graduate studies. If they have a graduate program, then there must be SOMEONE who knows what's going on -- they can't all be as clueless as the people you've had the misfortune of dealing with.

*In my experience (and the experience of many others I've known), you can't usually get assistantship money unless you're a full-time student. At the graduate level, this might be as few as 9 credits...but obviously, this could vary depending on the school. Your assistantship hours do not count towards this.

*It's not uncommon at all for your assistantship to say "X hours" and actually require "X+Y hours." It's unfair, but that has been the norm from the people I've known (including myself). Graduate assistants are looked at as cheap labor, let's face it. And if you're a teaching assistant, you might have "X hours" of teaching duties...but then, just like public school teachers, you have to put in "y additional hours" of your own time grading papers, preparing lessons plans, etc.

I would say that, if you're going to stay in this program, the first thing you need to do is locate some written documents (do not accept word-of-mouth...obviously that hasn't been doing much good for your situation so far) that tell you the requirements for financial aid, whether that be need-based, scholarship-based, or in payment for assistantship duties. How many credits do you need to carry? Where do you go to file your W4, I9, all that good stuff? When is the (first) disbursement date for funds? Who do I contact if I don't receive the money promised me? etc

I should ask, at this point, what does the document that you signed say? You should have been given some sort of paperwork where you accepted financial aid and/or this assistantship. Make copies of that document and carry it with you to every meeting you have.

I hope this helps in someway. I really think that your best bet might be to cut your losses, get out of the program, get a job that will help you pay your bills until your apartment lease is up (unless you can get out of it early), and apply for more established schools for next year.

Good luck!!

PS-- you also might consider posting a similar question in the Higher Education forum on Y!A. It doesn't sound like your situation is necessarily limited to music study...maybe someone there can help more.

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