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Student Accommodation Brisbane

Janet Said:

Urbanest South bank for student. 6 Months?

We Answered:

I am familiar with the apartment block and the description of the location on the website is spot on. It's close to everything: cafes, supermarkets and entertainment. It's is idyllic living for a student, but it is very expensive. The prices quoted for a 4 bedroom apartment is PER ROOM, not per apartment. So, given that you want to share with a few guys who are each paying $280 per room, the total amount you will (collectively) pay for a 4 bedroom apartment is around $1100 per week.

That price is "middle to top-end of the market" price. But if you can afford it, it's a great area to live.

I'm not sure whether you are coming from overseas, but if you need an easy currency conversion site, my favourite is:

Cathy Said:

Is any Living accommodation in Brisbane Australia for Indian students in Queensland University? Paying guest?

We Answered:

Lots and lots of hotels........

Jackie Said:

i need student accommodation in brisbane Ipswich that allows a dog, the rent includes and bills for 150pw?

We Answered:

If your budget was $250 a week - the answer would be no. Having a dog increases the RENT by around $30-40 a week. Bills (you mean electricity, phone, gas, waster is around $30 a week so you are actually asking for a place to rent for $70 a week - even a place for the homeless costs more than that (they pay $20 a night). You need to have realistic numbers - and forget the animal you will never find anyplace under $300 a week (no bills) that will allow one.

Ramon Said:

Need Accommodation in Brisbane! Can you help?

We Answered:

hi Sar21!

i'm afraid that $200 per week will not get you even a one bedroom flat / apartment in brisbane that i'm aware of. having said that, can you imagine 2 or 3 people paying that amount of money and what they can get for it??? for $600 a week you can have an absolute mansion with a pool, jacuzzi and city views in either a house or a penthouse style apartment. check out the notice boards at the local uni or tech college and also the sharemate websites in brissie and i can guarantee you that you will get a bedroom with private facilities in an absolutely beautiful property that will be the envy of everyone and the smart ones who do rent that way, are usually very together (in their heads) and usually have full active social lives and aren't home all that often so you'll have the place to yourself a lot. that's what i did when i shared and it was wicked. can't even afford to live like that now i've graduated. bummer!

Andre Said:

distance from south bank campus to QUT?

We Answered:

It's so close that you can see it ....take you no more than 10 mins walk ....

Good luck...

Bessie Said:

How does the Student Exchange 'money' work?

We Answered:

you made sense,i understand your plight.i can help you with a student loan instead.write me

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