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Student Accommodation Bristol

Jonathan Said:

University residence vs. flat?

We Answered:

If your 25, you'll be a little older than a majority of students. I would recommend that you get an off-campus appartment. If often cheaper, and you dont have to deal with a bad roommate(if you get a bad roommate)

Alexander Said:

Bristol vs Warwick (uni & accommodation worries)?

We Answered:

I'm at Warwick doing a masters degree, but I did my undergrad at a different uni. I find Warwick really boring and rah, especially coming from a city-based uni. Warwick is in the middle of nowhere, and is a bit surreal because you effectively live in a little Warwick bubble as you go out there, shop there, etc. But I do know lots of people that enjoy it there... I have no experience of Bristol but know people who went there and loved it.

Ruben Said:

University residence vs. flat?

We Answered:

Hi there.

I've just finished my undergraduate degree and did look into postgrad courses, both here in the UK and abroad. I personally would have gone into university residences for postgrad students, but I will go through the reasons for and against each option. I just want to also add I'm of a similar age, being 24!

To rent a flat in town: On the plus side, you get to see the life of the city and meet people from there - you get to sample the real city instead of being cocooned in university residences and life. There are also websites where you could look for spare rooms in the general area. I've provided a couple of links below, but also look at local newspapers online adverts and put 'spare room' into google. Gumtree is really good for things like that. That way, instead of getting your own flat, you could share with other students and meet more people that way. Plus, bills would be shared. The downside to living off campus and in your own flat would be paying for separate bills and often landlords ask for a deposit and first month's rent up front. It is all more expensive than student accommodation as well. Also, you may not meet as many people and living in your own flat could mean you are more isolated, especially as you are an international student.

University Accommodation: The plus side of this is that normally all of your bills are included in your rent and you don't need to fork out anything above that. You will be closer to the university and be able to participate more fully in university life, which would make your experience as an international student a better one. I'm going to state a fact here which will get me thumbs down but it's quite true. People who do postgrads are generally more serious about their work than undergrads (not the case in all cases, I'm giving generalities here) because they chose to go back and study further. First years (and some second years) will more than likely be partying and they will be younger than you (about ages 17-21). Postgrad students will be the same sort of age and have the same sort of life experience as you. You will meet people from all over the world and experience different cultures. A friend of mine is a postgrad student and this year she has lived with Chinese, Japanese, American, Egyptian and Indian people in unversity residences. You will also mix with people doing degrees in a variety of subjects. Downside, if the flats are large, they may be a bit noisier and it may be harder to accommodate more people with differing interests (to be honest, I've never had a problem and I've stayed in unversity accommodation in flats of 7 people).

To be a pain, it really is up to you. There are pros and cons to all the options. In my honest opinion, I would say you should go for university accommodation with other postgrads only, but I'm not you and I can't say which you would prefer. I really hope that this does help you though and good luck in the future with your course and I hope you get the right accommodation for you.

Good luck :-)

Shelly Said:

Could you please tell me something about Bristol?

We Answered:

Go to a bookshop - there used to be a Georges at the top of Park Street opposite the original University building and the Museum, and you'll find loads of books about Brisul.
One which may still be available is "Walking in Bristol" by Helena Eason - pocket size so easy to carry.
Bristol has its fair share of "brain dead" yobs, but although I left there "for a couple of years" husband said, in 1965, i still think of it as my home. Wonderful City, so full of history.
Some places to see
1. Obviously the University building top of Park Street
2. Cabot Tower on Brandon Hill - John Cabot sailed in The Matthew (replica down in the docks) to discover America. The SS. Gt. Britain down on the Avon, too.
3. The Clifton Suspension Bridge designed by a marvellous engineer called Brunel
4. Clifton Downs are great for walks - has a compact Zoo (where I got engaged!)
5. The Old Vic theatre - where Peter O'Toole started
6. The Llandowger Trow pub (of "Treasure Island" fame)
7. St. Mary Redcliffe church - described by Queen Elizabeth the First as "the fairest and godliest church in England" - it has magnificent flying buttresses
8. You'll probably enjoy visiting the docks - restaurants & bars - and the Floating Harbour with King Neptune.
9. Very good Central library next to the Cathedral
10. The Cathdral is well worth seeing - if there is a guide you'll learn a lot about it - the steps worn down by generations of monks. The special Miserere (sp?) seats for the infirm.
I could go on forever. Give my love to my home - shame about the traffic congestion - I used to cycle everywhere.

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