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Student Accommodation Dublin

Paul Said:

Going to Trinity College Dublin as an international student from America (Undergrad) Tips?

We Answered:

One thing you need to understand - you cannot call yourself Irish in Ireland, because to us, you are NOT Irish. You are American.

From what I understand in the US calling yourself Italian, Irish, German etc. refers to your heritage and ethnic group, so it's okay to call yourself Irish there. But over here it means a nationality, and you do not have Irish nationality. You cannot use it to refer to your heritage here, unless you specifically say so: "I have Irish ancestors/an Irish heritage".

Once you understand this subtle different in meaning of the word, you should be fine. Enjoy your educational experience in Ireland, and don't forget to study regularly - you'll need to.

Gabriel Said:

How Much Spending Money Do i Need for A 10 Day Trip to The U.K. ?

We Answered:

I would advise about £5-£10 for lunch and £10-£15 for dinner, £3 a pint for beer, £6.50 per day public transport and £2.50 for a coffee.

Nathaniel Said:

Student accommodation in Dublin - I'm really panicking here.?

We Answered:

Stop telling people your students, There's 3 of us moving in this year and the only reason we got an apartment was because we said we wearnt students.
Whats the problem with a 1 year lease? Do you want it for longer? then just rent it out again when the lease is up.
Sorry I don't understand why the 1 year lease is a problem, if you can elaborate on that it would help allot.

EDIT: The three of us are students to, they asked if we were students and we just said no, that were getting jobs and that are parents will be helping us with rent payments. thats all that was said about it. How are they going to know weather your in college or not unless they have a good reason to check your story?
So once the rents being payed, and you keep your head down they wont take any notice.
They'll be more likley to negotiate the lease aswell, if you tell them you you only want a 9 month lease because you are planning going travilling in the Summer, or some excuse as to why you cant live there for the last 3 months they are much more likley to negotiate.
The one year lease is there to STOP students, So if they believe you are not students theres no problem.

You do what you have to do. unfortunatly most people have to resort to telling a few lies but it has to be done.
As I said this is the only way we got an apartment. If we had been honest we would still be looking for apartments and houses.

Henry Said:

2 Swiss girls are looking for an accommodation for some days in Ireland, can you help me?

We Answered:

Be very careful advertising this, not everyone is good natured and some may want to take this offer up only to do bad things.
In Ireland there are loads and loads of really cheap hostels in pretty every town and city. You can find beds for about 10 euro a night. They are safe and a much better idea for 2 young backpacking girls than staying in some strangers house.

Darrell Said:

Hazelwood Apartments for students in Dublin?

We Answered:

I've been told theres an ensuite in each room. There isn't a washing machine in the apartments but there's a laundrette in the complex.

Nancy Said:

Any Dublin-students had bad experiences with accommodation in Dublin? Describe please.?

We Answered:

Hi. I'm not a student but have rented in Dublin for the past two years. Overall, i'm happy with it all. Although i live on the outskirts of Dublin, closer to the airport, it's still stupidly expensive. €1200 p/m for a 2 bed house. And be care full who you live with, we had a guy go to the Lanzarotte with €1800's rent one month (but that probably goes for all renting). Pay extra if you trust someone. I would recommend not living in a duplex as the people below you can hear everything and you can hear everything from people above you. But overall it's all been well. I wouldn't move back down south. Good Luck and happy christmas/.

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