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Student Accommodation Edinburgh

Dennis Said:

International accommodation at Uni?

We Answered:

You should check the university websites, here are some helpful ones...

University of Edinburgh:……

University of Aberdeen:………

University of St Andrews:…

University of Dundee:………

Most universities let you stay in their own accommodation (not sure on prices) for when you are visiting. You can get a train from each city, the train won't take you directly into the university but it will take you into the town where you could be potentially living in. Liking the city/town is also important as you would be living there for x amount of years.The train won't take too long between each city.

I'd advise you to contact the university, their e-mail will be on the website and they should be able to answer the questions the website can't.

Hope this helps, good luck. :-)

Elmer Said:

Whats student accomodation like at edinburgh uni?

We Answered:

Depends on what type of accommodation you go for and where you end up (and what you want from it). If you go for fully catered halls then Chancellor's court is the best one and is really nice but you may end up on the receiving end of a fair amount of resentment from other people, the various parts of Holland House are also reasonably good (that's where I stayed in 1st year). I think there's another one that's en-suite but I can't remember which. The rest are shared bathrooms but the rooms are still reasonable, I think they may have refurbished Grant House since I was there as well so that may be better than it was (best house socially though). The food isn't particularly great and it's annoying being woken up by the cleaners but you do get quite a lot done for you. Not sure about the self catered flats but the problem with them is that you end up sharing with people you don't know, most of the halls are single rooms and you get an internet port.

Renting may be better in some ways but it comes with other problems, obviously you need to organise the bills and such (and most often deal with problems that previous occupants have left you). There are also a whole host of problems that can come up, mice were a problem in my first flat but problems some of my friends have had include cockroaches and dry rot (the latter forcing them to move flats mid semester). Edinburgh is also pretty expensive for renting although I guess that's largely perspective, if you live in London, Edinburgh will seem really cheap. Anyway flats in Marchmont, Newington and Bruntsfield (most popular student areas) tend to end about £300-350 per person per month (if you split the rent evenly) for a 4-5 person flat, although it's largely down to luck as some people get really good deals. If you do go for a private rent, avoid Grant Management at all costs and be wary of The Flat Company and Edinburgh Letting Solutions, my best experiences have actually been with private landlords (I'll post some good sites for flat hunting in the sources bar). Finally if you see a flat you like, get it there and then because if you wait it will probably go.

Overall I would recommend university accommodation for the first year because it allows you to adjust without having to worry about general living problems. It's also easier to make friends and to avoid people in the event that you find you don't get on.

Hope this helps, sorry if it's a little garbled. If you want clarification or advice on anything else about Edinburgh then feel free to e-mail me and I'll do my best to help.

Tom Said:

Studying Politics/International Relations @ Glasgow or Edinburgh?

We Answered:

You cant even compare Edinburgh to Glasgow. Glasgow is a MAJOR city where 49% of Scotland's entire population live. You could fit Edinburgh into Glasgow 12 times over! Edinburgh is a tiny town.

You might also want to know I went to University in Glasgow with a Bulgarian and he loved Glasgow so much he still lives here today.

Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland, offers fabulous shopping, crowded pubs and clubs and terrific restaurants. Art lovers will also find plenty to capture their imagination, as the city is home to more than 30 galleries and museums, including the world famous Burrell Collection and Saint Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art. Naturally it is also possible to visit the coast from Glasgow or discover the rich history of the region by exploring neighbouring cities and villages.

Architecture: Many of the city’s buildings date back to the 19th century, when Glasgow was the trading centre of Scotland. Nowadays, the city palaces of yesteryear serve as offices and department stores. Enjoying both architecture and the contents of the buildings is the theme of The Lighthouse in the heart of Glasgow, with a variety of dynamic exhibitions on art and architecture.

Shopping: Glasgow is the largest shopping city of Great Britain after London and offers excellent shopping. Visit the pedestrianised shopping precincts Sauchiehall Street, Buchanan Street and Argyle Street or one of the indoor shopping malls, such as the Buchanan Galleries or St Enoch Centre.

Food and drink: Whisky, preferably single malt, is the drink of choice in Scotland. A visit to a distillery is certainly worthwhile. Like in England, the Scots enjoy a hearty breakfast with bacon and eggs, whereas dinner usually consists of a wide selection of meats. Salmon is also widely available. Mutton lovers must certainly try the traditional Haggis.

Getting Around: Glasgow has one of the most advanced, fully integrated public transport systems in Europe. Glaswegians are very reliant on buses, the underground, and the local railway network that cross the city and link it to the suburbs. The Travel Centre at St Enoch Square (+44 (0) 141 226 4826) is a good starting-point for general Glasgow-wide travel information.

Underground: The Glasgow Underground has twin tunnels providing a circular service linking 15 stations. Trains are frequent (approximately one every five minutes), and tickets are cheap, but must be bought in advance of the journey either from a machine or from the ticket office at the station.

Rail: An extensive network of regular and frequent local rail services operates in Glasgow, its suburbs and the West of Scotland. Most suburbs and towns within this area are accessible by train. If you are staying outside Glasgow and do not want to drive into the city, you can use the 'Park-and-Ride' system, which allows free parking at suburban rail stations, where you then continue your journey by train. CCTV protects most of the parking facilities - the Park-and-Ride also operates at four Glasgow Underground stations.

For more information on Glasgow visit the official Glasgow Tourism Website at

East Magazine, Singapore
“Glasgow has reinvented itself more times than Madonna."

Frommer's Travel Guide, USA
"More cosmopolitan and modern than its capital neighbour, not to mention a more happening night life"

In Style Magazine, USA
“Think Manhattan with a Scottish Accent.”

Indianapolis Star, USA
"Glasgow is a must-see destination"

Indianapolis Star, USA
"I'm happy to have visited Glasgow before the crowds show up"

Io Donna, Italy
“Città scozzese più glamour del momento.” ("Glasgow is Scotland's most glamorous city")

Lonely Planet
"Glasgow is one of Britain's largest, liveliest and most interesting cities"

Lonely Planet
"Glasgow is regenerating and evolving at a dizzying pace"

MD Magazine, Germany
“Glasgow is in, Glasgow is trendy.”

Metropolitan Home, USA
“Glasgow, Scotland – Exciting by Design.”

National Geographic Channel, USA
"Glasgow – this exuberant, design-conscious city of high sophistication and even higher style"

National Geographic Channel, USA
“If there’s an inspirational spirit looming over the city’s renaissance, it’s Mackintosh”

Salud Magazine, Mexico
"Britain's most beautiful city"

The Boston Globe, USA
"If you love wonderful architecture, Glasgow is your beat"

The Enquirer, USA
"Britain's coolest city"

Time Magazine, USA
“Brimming with style and culture, Scotland’s biggest city is a revelation.”

Time Magazine, USA
"Europe's secret capital of music"

Travel & Leisure Magazine, USA
“Glasgow is the United Kingdom’s hippest and most happening city”

Wallpaper*, USA
"Where art meets design, fashion and music in a sharp undercurrent of creativity."

Ray Said:

Student Accommodation in Edinburgh - I'm stuck?

We Answered:

In the first case contact your university to see what accomodation they have. If you want to go private try these people.…

Allan Said:

Student Accommodation in Edinburgh - How much does it cost?

We Answered:

My flatmate and I pay £650 a month between us on a 2 bed in a very good area. Most other students i know pay between 300 and 400 a month each.

Leo Said:

Where should a future medicine student look for information about accommodation in an Edinburgh family?

We Answered:


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