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Student Accommodation Exeter

Daisy Said:

Any know the living expense in Exeter, Devon?

We Answered:

If you share a room you might find something around 200 or 250 Per month.

You might rent a three bedroom flat for800.

Food I can survive on 60 per week.

Cynthia Said:

i'm dreading going back to uni...?

We Answered:

I would recommend you really consider switching schools. It sounds like you're absolutely miserable and would be a lot happier elsewhere. Your parents might not be happy at first, especially since they bought the house and everything, but they'll eventually understand that you have to do what's right for you rather than what's most convenient for them.

I should mention that college is generally a very very stressful time, so don't be caught up in trying to have the most fantastic time of your life. It's not good, however, to feel so lonely and unhappy. Move to another school.

Oh, and it would be helpful to write a list of everything that makes you unhappy about your current school so that you can research other schools to see how likely they are to improve your life. The list will also come in handy for helping you get your thoughts about the matter straight. That way you'll know what to say when people (such as your parents or interviewers at the other school) ask you about your decision.

Travis Said:

How much should I budget for my bills in rented student accommodation?

We Answered:

Go online to that Power Company's website Look at the Service delivery charge and average for a house that size. Otherwise each put in 100 the first month and adjust the next month by a true meter reading. 5 people in a house that large will use a lot of power.

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