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Student Accommodation For Sale

Ramona Said:


We Answered:

1 A. Direct material/ Direct labour/ commission/ Transportation
B variable cost = 27+14x4+5 +12 = 100 per chair
C Plant rent and taxes/ Machinery and equipment purchased/ Commercial store front unit purchase/ Advertising costs/ Sales staff wages before commissions
D Fixed cost = 12000+220000+ 500000+100000+250000

Cecil Said:

How can we do a great, fun, and efficient fund raiser without spending tons of money?

We Answered:

Have a carnival. lots of fun, pretty cheap

Philip Said:

How can we do a great, fun, and efficient fund raiser without spending tons of money?

We Answered:

Well when I was an undergrad and belonged to the International Student's Society, we had an International Food Festival that raised quite a lot of money. We used the cafeteria at the school to hold it and charged one fee for entry. Each person made a dish from a different country and with the price of an entry ticket the attendees could sample 5 dishes (they could pay again and get another ticket for 5 more if they wanted to). We asked local grocery stores to donate the food items we needed to make the dishes and used the cafeteria grill, stoves and ovens to prepare it. We got a catering company to donate the use of chaffing dishes to keep the food warm and the church donated the tables. We decorated the cafeteria with garments and items from each country that people had on hand and made signs for above each table so the attendees knew which country the food was from. We got the local radio station to donate air time to announce our event and on the day of it, we called the news stations so we got on the evening news which poured in even more donations. Seems to me that because you are a Model United Nations group, this idea might work for you, too.

Greg Said:

My 17 years old son is being stubborn about the family move to Australia.......Help advise please!?

We Answered:

He's not angry, he's SCARED. A move between NZ and Australia is a pretty big move and he is worried that he won't fit in and be able to make friends. He's worried about losing the friendships he has formed- the bonds you form in your teen years can be pretty strong, and he probably has a girl he is really interested in or even dating.
So yeah, pretty scary stuff for a 17 year old guy!
He can still talk to his Kiwi friends on facebook and whatever other social networking sites they use, you can get Skype and they can chat without putting a ding in the phone bill, the time lag between Australia and New Zealand is small enough that it's almost guaranteed they'd be online at the same times. Kiwi foods are fairly readily available if you know where to look, and this is actually the thing that hits most people the hardest!

Airfares between the two countries are quite cheap, he could probably head back over to NZ for holidays.

Try pointing out to him that at THIS point in time you can't afford for him to stay in NZ on his own, suggest he stay with you guys in Australia for ONE year as a trial and then if he isn't happy pay for his airfare back. It's actually quite handy to have relatives in both countries- makes for cheap holidays!

Sean Said:

History essay on Martin Luther kING?

We Answered:

Is there a question somewhere in here?
Are you looking for help on a weak spot in the essay?
Do you want someone to evaluate it for content and flow?
Do you want a proofreader?

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