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Student Accommodation France

Carmen Said:

Arrange a student accommodation in Grenoble (France)?

We Answered:

Hey dude,
I'm also going to grenoble this sept, i'm joining Université Joseph Fourier for a 1 year course. Maybe we can look together for a place? give me your mail id i would send u more details about me. The website that i'm using to search for places are:-

Brenda Said:

How to write a inviting letter to prove accommodation when doing visa?

We Answered:

He needs to go to the local town-hall (mairie) of the town he is living and get a "Attestation d'accueil" (Proof of Accomodation) which he sends to you by mail so that you are able to attach it to your visa application. ..… (see page 146) .. If he should however live in a student's hostel I am afraid that the French authorities will not issue that accomodation proof.

Brent Said:

Help! Uni Student bound for Montpellier France?

We Answered:

First, contact the CROUS Montpellier, it is a public entity that deals with students' accommodation.

They will have limited accommodation in university residences and they can provide you with lists of renting agencies.

You can also use the site

The department for Montpellier is 34 (Héraut).

Theodore Said:

How should I answer this ad for student accomm. in French? Experience of English AND French systems preferred?

We Answered:

The ad was in French so you should answer in French. I suppose you are interested in sharing an appartment with this woman, Claire.

You should write :
En réponse à votre annnonce publié sur le site de (write web site or place where you saw the ad). Je suis intéressé à partager votre appartement de Villerbanne au coût de 230 euros/mois. Mon nom est ( write name ) . Vous pouvez me contacter par courrier electronique à ( write e-mail address).

merci bien,

Do you speak French well enough to speak to her? Does she understand English?
I hope I helped you out a little bit.

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In the first place, contact the CROUS Montpellier, it is an open element that arrangements with understudies' settlement. They will have restricted settlement in college homes and they can give you arrangements of leasing offices.