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Student Accommodation Hertfordshire

Barry Said:

What type of bike should I buy?

We Answered:

not folding
they are not strong

unless you REALLY need to fold it, don;t

folding is a slow process sometimes as well

300 pounds


not enough for a good bike

but a good one might be stolen in a uni setting

if you really don;t intend to ride seriously ever, just go get some piece of junk

at a dept store

no that doesn;t work

i ;d say get something used but then you have to have knowledge about fit
and luck to find your size

fortunately your height is very common

try craigslist and hope for the best

prob a 54-56 cm size in a road bike would be close fit

or like the others said a mt bike
they are more common, cheaper
maybe get trek giant fuji, something reputable but used- a bike store bike not a dept store bike
get slick tires for $40
get a good lock and maybe make it unattractive
mt bike would be strong
good commuting choice actually


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