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Student Accommodation In Paris

Stacey Said:

Travel through Europe... Ideas on how, where and prices?

We Answered:

Sleeper trains sound more romantic than they are.
Laying down in one of them is better than sitting up overnight, but not by much.

I would not go out of my way to experience an overnight train, safe that for your next travel.

To get back home from Amsterdam you can use the overnight ferry,…
I find it as much an adventure, but more comfortable.

More ideas for travel to/from London, see the site of the man in seat sixty-one:

Katherine Said:

Please read my request for donations letter ASAP?

We Answered:

I believe that your letter is good enough , it does get across the major points. Although you might want to start changing who you are asking money from. It would seem that your relatives can't support you on this trip. I would go your local church and ask to start a Bottle Drive. You have to plan them at least one month in advance , you and your friends handout fliers in the church neighbour hood to as many people as possible , that would tell them of your trip and when the pick up day is/ Talk to a church leader about organizing a pickup team on the pre approved day/ And if you don't usually go to church , this is still a good idea. Churches want to help people in need , they always want more people in their congregation then less. And yes , sorry , but you are going to have to reduce your involvement in sports so you can make a commitment big enough to raise these kinds of funds. Other wise you can forget going to Europe in the near future.

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