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Student Accommodation In Reading

Danny Said:

IEP test accommodations on standardized tests?

We Answered:

it is absolutely a violation..

their 504 plans or IEP should stipulate what accommodations are given for the test

the only thing you can't do is alter the CONTENT of the test..
it can be given orally, in braille, on a special magnifyer..a person can use sign language..

they can take the test in a separate room, have extra time, ahve someone write the answers they give

Barbara Said:

What are some effective adaptations and accommodations for English Language Learners?

We Answered:

Reading: Do reading out loud (orally) with pairs or small groups so that students can interact to define words, and correct pronunciation
Have students write first in their own language for facility, then later try to put it into the new language
Correct language and spelling last. Computer work is easiest for final editing.
Have speakers speak more slowly in the language being learned, and add drama with facial and body movements.
Speaking: Allow lots of response time,praise all effort and do not correct except after in summary.
Study skills: Vocab lists and dictionaries are helpful.
Pairing students to quiz each other and stress what's important to understand is good practice!

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