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Student Accommodation Investment

Dennis Said:

investing in student hostel facility?

We Answered:

i think its a good idea with a little family touch;))

Kimberly Said:

An idea of culture (Very long warning). Your Ideas v mine.?

We Answered:

Of all the rants I've read in this section, yours is, by far, the most thoroughly thought out.

You seek what many noteworthy philosopers before you have sought, and before the end of thier lives, each knew the solution to be unlikely, if not impossible.

It is easy to delineate what *might* work, and you've done reasonably well, though there are gaps in your manifesto as well as indications of its turning on itself in contraciction. All in all, not a bad first draft.

Utopian society cannot exist on this planet, and for one basic reason that every manifesto, including yours, fails to account for, which is why they are grand *ideas* and nothing more. What is not taken into consideration is human nature, and therein lies the rub.

Humans, as a species, are naturally competative. It is in our nature to compete. For what, you might ask? We compete to be better than, know more than and have more than, the next of our kind in line. We compete for domination of property, goods, services and yes, others of our kind. It is an indellible part of our existence, stamped irrevocably into our DNA. Because it is in the basest of our nature to compete, humans (and even their loftiest ideals) are easily corrupted.

While your model for a utopian society doesn't lack merit, in the benefit to collective culture it ultimately seeks, it places the vast majority of its motivation in the hands of authority. In this way, you would seek to place the fate of society into the hands of its own worst enemy; humans.

"Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Much of what you, as well as others, would seek is not possible for the simple fact that it pre-supposes a just and magnanimous government, free of corruption. Who governs those who govern? Who has tamed the inner beast and is capable of resisting the temptation to power in such a way as to make them fit to implement these laws without using them to make themselves comfotable, nay, powerful, at the expense of a bureaucratically-controlled culture? And if only one should emerge who could be declared victorious over corrupt humna nature, then how many more would be required to enforce such laws? Who weilds the whip in the subjugation of society to a social order?

The fallacy of your manifesto (and I certainly mean no insult in naming it thus) is that it pre-supposes a premise not offered, for if it were, it could only be declared false, thereby destroying the otherwise soundness of the argument. The missing premise, apparent only by supposition and included only by implication, is that humans are capable of making it happen. We are not.

I am, however, proud to see that there are idealistic people out there trying to find ways of making a difference, especially when those ideals are egalitarian in nature.

I'm afraid the best we can do is to do our best to improve on what we have. That much we can do, though it is most certainly a struggle.

Stanley Said:

how to get customers, how to do promotions?

We Answered:

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