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Student Accommodation Oxford

Harry Said:

I have been accepted by four universities. How do I chose for certain?

We Answered:

Brunel and Kingston have better reputations than you probably think, but that tends to be in engineering and technology. I don't know much about their history departments. But they're good universities nonetheless.

The one major piece of advice I can give is to go to the place that *you* like the feel of. Although your mother's input is important, you shouldn't choose a university just because she likes it. If SOAS seems more like your sort of place, go for that. Personally I always preferred the smaller universities as well, although I was living on campus. If you're living out, try to find what percentage of new students do, because you don't want to be left out. At a large university it won't matter so much, because there'll be plenty of others doing the same.

If you're still not sure then go look round the universities again. Most departments love showing off. Ask questions, talk to students, etc. But make sure you choose the place that suits you, not the place that you think employers/family/friends will be most impressed with.

Luis Said:

which one is cheaper than another,Oxford or Cambridge for students?

We Answered:

Both expensive but I reckon Cambridge may be a tad cheaper. Oxford is extremely touristy. Quite a bit more than Cambridge and so people can screw tourists for cash.
Oxford is bigger too and transport costs rise.

Sheila Said:

Could I survive on £6200 per year at oxford?

We Answered:

Take out the student loan

Marcus Said:

Two people have told me to avoid UCL like the plague!!!! Should I heed their warnings?

We Answered:

Okay, first point: that random barrister. when he went there (i'm guessing it was more than 4 years ao), UCL was actually pretty crap, around 10th in the UK, behind places like Exeter. Recently though, they have shot up the tankings.

I guess the accomodation thing will be a bit of a pain, but accomodation expenses will be small compared to tuition. If you can pay the tuition without too many loans you should be fine. The job you get after leaving UCL witha degree will pay of the loans easily.

the thing about being an entity in themselves. Firstly, they sort of are - instead of awarding a University of London degree, you get a UCL degree (the same happens at LSE, Imperial and Kings). If its about to become a liberal arts college like US unis, it is unlikely it will happen in the next three years, so don't worry about it

Glenda Said:

I Like to know how much it cost per month in University of Oxford owned accommodation?

We Answered:

Oxford is made up of many colleges which each have varying prices and polices. You should look on their website:…

Their website states:

"The average rent for a single room in a shared house is between £350 and £450 per person per month (excluding utility bills e.g. water, gas, electricity, telephone) depending on how many are sharing, and you will normally be required to rent the accommodation for twelve months. You will also need to budget approximately £50 a month for utility bills."

More here:…

Hope this helps. :-)

Agnes Said:

What would you say the best Uni in the UK?

We Answered:

i like Portsmouth university, but i'm going to be doing a biology course this year, so it's a bit different.
My friend is into geography and tourism, and she's found that Coventry university is a good university for the subject. You want to go to a university that specialises in the subject you want to study, not just the one at the top of the Good University guides. Also with the place cuts, it's better to go for a place at a Uni which funds the department as to avoid disappointment (I was rejected from Warwick University for Biology because of cuts in places).

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