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Student Accommodation Paris

Daniel Said:

student accommodations near le cordon bleu campus in paris?

We Answered:

I don't think you'll be eligible for student accomodation since it is a private school. The # 1 site for rentals is…
There is a good choice of tiny studios or former maid's rooms (chambre de bonne) in Paris for under 500 €/month. Some are furnished, some are not, but for that size you won't need more than a futon sofa-bed and a table and chair so it will hardly cost you a thing to furnish the place. To avoid agency fees, go through:…

Is the campus rue Delhomme in the 15th arrondissement? If so, try to get something along métro line 12. It runs mostly through expensive districts (except in the not so nice northern part, which you should avoid) but only 2 stops down around Porte de Versailles, you would be at the outskirt of Paris and therefore rents tend to be cheaper. If that's where the school is, métro stop Pernety on line 13 is also walkable.

You can also check the Paris or FUSAC websites for rentals, sublets, used furniture, etc.

Melinda Said:

Accommodation in Paris?

We Answered:

This is the website that you can look at for reasonably priced, clean and practical places for young(ish) people to stay. I recommend both Centre Maurice Ravel and FIAP Jean Monnet which are quite near the centre, and offer double rooms at a very reasonable rate. They have all sorts of facilities and are more modern than most traditional hotels.

Viola Said:

How can I survive in Paris for a month on a student budget and with limited French?

We Answered:

While a month long apartment rental can be cheaper than a comparable hotel space it's still likely to be beyond a student budget (or at least the poverty stricken budgets I was on when I was a student back in the 1960's)

There are some good hostels tho. One of the cheapest is the Auberge Internationale des Jeunes ( A bed in a 3 or 4 bedded room will run you 18€ a night including breakfast in the morning.

Jobs are pretty scarce as the French unemployment rate is around 8.8% and probably getting worse (just like everywhere else). Jobs for people who don't speak genuinely fluent French are not going to be easy to find. If you're not an EU citizen then whether its even legal for you to work depends on what type of visa you have.

Louis Said:

What are the best places/good ways for students to find short term accommodations in Paris, France?

We Answered:

youth hostels,
university students websites or physical posting board (Students are always looking for roommates).
good luck

Joseph Said:

Traveling from Paris to Lucca by train?

We Answered:

I would take these trains:
Leave Paris-Bercy station at 18:59 on the night train to Florenze/Firenze Campo di Marte, arrive at 7:16 next a.m.,
then change to a regional train direction "Prato" at 7:49 to Firenze Rifredi at 7:58, (just another station in Florence)
then change to the train to Viareggio at 8:15, which arrives in Lucca at 9:30.

From Lucca to Pisa, there are trains every 30 minutes which take from 28 to 30 minutes. No problem.

From Pisa to Paris:
Leave Pisa Centrale at 19:09 on the Regional train to
Milano Centrale, arrive at 23:15 then change to
EN 220 EuroNight Stendhal to: Paris-Bercy, departs Milano at 23:35, and arrives the next morning at 08:47

The overnight trains will require a reservation.
the regional trains from Lucca to Pisa and Pisa to Milano don't.

You can buy tickets online at
but they might not be as cheap as on the French rail website (which is complicated to use)

Since the train from Paris to Florence goes through switzerland, you might want to get a Eurail selectpass with 3 countries (FR,IT,SW). You'll still have to pay a supplement for a couchette, but the trains that go through Switz. are expensive.…
You could take a night train from Paris to Ventimiglia, then go down the coast of Italy through Genova, and Pisa, but you'd leave Paris at 9:17 pm, get to Ventimiglia at 8:59 am, then not get to Lucca til after 5 pm. That would be cheaper than going through Switz. but as you see takes a lot longer.

Sandra Said:

cheapest way for an australian student to live in paris long term?

We Answered:

This isn't an actual answer, but I thought I'd wish you luck! That is soo awesome! I don't know anything about Paris, but wow, five years? I hope you get some real answers, and have fun there =)

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